Cleaning Vomit off Sisal Rug?

JerriEllijayMay 10, 2005

Greetings all,

We just went into one of our rental cabins and found that the guests vomited on the sisal rug and did not clean it up. (Aren't they nice?)

Does anyone have any ideas on what will remove the white stain?


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jerri, I'm not sure what the "white" stain is that you're mentioning, unless it is caked or bleached. If it is caked, I go to a chemical supply company and purchase products with live bacteria which, diluted with cold water, can be used on virtually any surface to remove stains and odor from virtually anything. These products may be purchased at pet stores as well, but they charge ridiculously high prices for a small amount. It would be worth a try. I have 3 dogs who sometimes have stomach upsets, and it works on their vomit.

Good luck, Becky

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If nothing works and the rug was not too expensive, you could just replace it. While we have found that sisal is durable and lasts a long time (we have had ours in the LR for 6 years now and it still looks new), we have also been told that it is cheaper to throw away and replace them then to try and clean them and that they were meant to be that way (probably more demand shifting by the industry) Of course, bets may be off if yours is expensive or new. How frustrating! I hope you found something that worked.

Also, if you do end up keeping it, leaving it outside on a hot sunny day will work wonders. The sun is a great deodorizer and disinfectant. My mom (an RN) for all of her years, always hung the bedding out on the clothesline after taking out of the dryer, just to get the sun and fresh air on them. It was physically hard for her but she did it anyway.


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