Talked to contractor...need to scale back the plan

lavender_lassMarch 17, 2012

This is my smaller version of the plan...just a quick cut and tape, with the new kitchen/keeping room. This is where I'm thinking about adding beams, since it's the oldest part of the house.

Thank you for taking a quick look and please let me know what you think. The hot tub is no longer off the bedroom, but it is by the powder room and closer to the water supply. No door outside, in this plan, but we may add a few feet to both porches, so there could be a walkway between the tub and bathrooms, with a door out to the garden, on that side. Still debating about that...

The kitchen has large windows over the sink, with the range on the outside wall and the oven/microwave opposite, built into the wall. The island is butcherblock with a marble piece (the little square on the drawing).

Although this is a much smaller plan, it still has the big kitchen/keeping room that we really want and there is space for two bedrooms and a small bath upstairs...and a rec room, under the living room/master bedroom area. So, larger than it looks, on paper. And, more money left over, when we're we can still do some fun things after the remodel. Or just have some extra money, for all the unexpected costs :) From Fairy tale cottage

Idea for exterior (needs the kitchen/greenhouse additions added to it) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Idea for window seat, in dining area From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

Laura Calder's kitchen (inspiration for my new kitchen plan) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

And, mudroom and greenhouse areas... From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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Hi, Coming from a custom builder background, I would reconsider access to the hot tub area. Access from your master suite would be a huge benefit. That is where you would always start your hot tub journey, having to walk through your kitchen would be a drag. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Candle Lantern

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My suggestion would be to flip the locations of the stove and fridge (generally, not exactly). I think it would be handier to have the fridge closer to the eating area, then clear on the far/opposite side from the eating area. And, then the stove is bit protected too.

I can't see what else is going on in the kitchen/pantry area, but I think this is still a very nice plan.

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I can't really see the dimensions on the plan. What size in the shower stall? It looks a bit narrow.

I agree with kirkhall regarding the location of the refrigerator. I'm not sure that the best place for it is at the entrance to the kitchen.

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Looks charming!

That said, I do have to agree with Steph's suggestion of getting access to the hot tub from the master suite... What about pairs of very-narrow French Doors instead of windows flanking the bed? It could potentially cause some 'night-stand issues', but maybe there's a way around it?

On your kitchen plan, what about repeating the arbor treatment on the front elevation where your range is shown. Then move your clean-up area there and put your range where the clean-up area is currently shown? That puts it directly behind your island, which offers a nicely-protected space for cooking, with a simple pivot from prep island to range. This makes for a nice, tight, no cross-traffic work triangle for the primary cook, with secondary work space on the clean-up side, and easy 'not through my zone' fridge-access from the front.

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Thank you for all the responses!

First, the kitchen. I wanted to keep the range, out of view, from the dining area...and have lots of windows, facing the south light. The fridge...I'm hoping people will walk around the island, if I'm cooking (of course you can't always count on that) but it's also close to the pantry and backyard. In the summer (when nieces/nephew visit) we get a lot of quick trips in, for drinks and ice cream.

That darn hot tub! It's the one thing my husband really wants (besides his basement 'man room') but I'm having a terrible time, finding the right spot for it. It has to be screened, or we'll be sharing it with every barn kitty, porcupine and skunk, in the area. (LOL) I've also had it off the side of the bedroom, with a screened porch on the back. That's a nice option too, but I lose the window seat. Let me see if I can find that version and I'll post it, to see what you all think.

Thanks you so much for your input and I appreciate all your help on this! :)

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To help with dimensions and overall 'easier to read''s the original floor plan, from Summerfield. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

I really like this, but wanted to find a way to get more light into the kitchen work area and move the wood stove, away from the entry. Also, I'd like to change the porch to a screened seating area, if the hot tub will be, off the bedroom. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

The greenhouse is more for starting plants and wintering over herbs/larger plants. The outdoor dining area/BBQ will be off to the left of the back door, behind the greenhouse...more space and better views :)

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I had a little more time to try this again...and remembered to move the laundry, to the mudroom. I don't think everyone wants to see my laundry, on the way to the screened porch! LOL

Oh, and that's a bench with hooks (like the picture above) between the door to the mudroom and the hall to the screened porch. From Fairy tale cottage

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My only thought - which seems to be a feature of both plans - is that I wouldn't want to walk from the master bedroom, through the front hall, through the living room, to the kitchen.

I don't care for the original dead end living room so that is a good deletion I think. I think every common room should have two entrances/exits. The living room is a dead end, which is not very functional I don't think. The houses I have been in that I have loved have rooms that connect.

You also need to think how you will live in the house. I personally wouldn't want to have to walk the majority of the house to get from bedroom to kitchen - is there a way to ease the connection between these two rooms which are practically next door.

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What is the difference between the covered deck, back porch and the back patio? And will you use all the outdoor areas you have? You mentioned a BBQ/dining area behind the greenhouse, then you have the covered deck, back porch, back patio, screened porch and seating under the pergola. To me, that seems like a lot of different outdoor areas for two people. I'm worried about furnishing the one large, covered deck that we have.

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Athens- Thanks for the response. Actually, I like a dead end living people don't walk through the space, to get to another area. It's so interesting to see other people's experiences with layout...because I had the bedroom, very close to the kitchen at one time...and it was too noisy.

Dekeoboe- I am definitely porch happy! Not only do I love to be outside, but we do almost all of our entertaining outside, in the summer. We have a huge family, lots of friends and they all prefer to 'drive out to the farm' in the summer! :)

Oh, since I'm posting all my various floor plans (LOL) I might as well post one more! This one has the oven/microwave in its own baking area, with a bookcase against the wall (by the island). Any thoughts?

I hope this is it...thank you for your input, suggestions and ideas! From Fairy tale cottage

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Lady Lavender ...

was thinking about your plan , and came up with this alternative ...

let me know your thoughts , please ...

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Wow!! Summerfield...that is really nice!

Some time ago, we thought about switching the dining room and bedroom...but we never considered bumping out the kitchen, so we couldn't get everything to fit, in the space. This looks amazing :)

Thank you so much! I'm going to have to check on moving the plumbing and a few other there any way you can sketch out this latest version of my other plan? Maybe add a foot to the mudroom and entry porch...and two feet to the screened porch (with the seating area)? I'd like to show both plans, to my husband and our contractor.

I so appreciate you time and expertise...and all your help and patience with our farmhouse remodel. Thanks, again! From Fairy tale cottage

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I really like your last plan.... a few comments for you to consider.... (I apologize if this was discussed on other layout attempts.)

Where do you plan to entertain guests? Will guests use your hot tub? Do you mind to have them walk through your pantry space to get to the backyard patio? I am guessing casual guests will just stay in the front area, but family and close friends will have full access... :)

RE: your double door master bedroom suite entry... are there particular pretty doors you have in mind? I have always thought the double doors in my homes were a bit silly..... slightly annoying to use them and didn't really make the space look nicer. (I think they were put in to seem fancy, but it just didn't work.)

RE: your greenhouse with easy access from the kitchen side of the house, I loooooooooooove that feature. love love love. It has been moved around in some of the plans, but make sure it ends up on a side of your home with lots of sunlight throughout the day......

On the same note, where is your garden as it relates to your house? I like that I have a door off my kitchen with easy garden access.... I think it makes sense to have your greenhouse on the garden side (but it might not be possible.)

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Lolauren- Thank you for commenting...I appreciate it :)

Let's see...the hot tub is mainly for my husband. The pantry space seems to be turning into a baking area, with the vintage farm sink and freezer on the back wall. Since we live on a farm, public space is not really an issue, so guests can go out the front or the back.

The double doors will probably be french doors with glazed glass (somewhat opaque, but let's light through) so there's some privacy, for the bathroom...especially at night. In the daytime, when we have a lot of company, I wanted them to be able to access the bathroom, without walking through our bedroom.

The garden spaces are everywhere! LOL I've become a bit of a garden fanatic the past few years, so I'm sure I'll be adding more garden space, around the farmhouse. The kitchen corner faces south, so the greenhouse is on a good side of the house and the gardens (veggies and herbs) will be there, as well. There will be flowers in the front (probably with more keep the deer out) and a shady garden, on the back patio area. I really want a fragrance garden back here...since it's out of the wind, more private (our only neighbor is on the left side of the house) and there's a beautiful lilac hedge, on the right side of the house. This makes the hot tub area and back garden much more secluded and a bit romantic :)

The glass/screened back porch (picture wicker furniture and plants) also accesses the back patio/fragrance garden, which is mainly a spot for me to sit, in the winter...and not go crazy, with our five months of snow! Also, a great place to sit and have a cup of tea with my mom and/or other friends.

There's also a larger patio planned (for behind the greenhouse) for my husband's BBQ, dining area, entertaining space. He has a huge family and when they all come over (mainly in the summer) it's nice to have the space. The house is not large, so we mainly entertain outside...and since it's the family farm, it is nice to have room for everyone.

Thanks again, for the response...and here's a quick update. One of the gals on the Smaller Homes forum, suggested that I make the access to the hot tub a single door and put a window seat in there...which I really like! :) From Fairy tale cottage

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Two more comments...

What about your W/D placement? You have quite a trek from your master bedroom.... The placement seems good if you come in with muddy farm clothes to just take off the dirty clothes.............. but you have to walk across the whole 1st floor to get some clean clothes :) (I can't see a way to improve that with this last floor plan, though.)

There are a lot of doors to the outside. Just from your pantry/mudroom, you have three. Do you really need all three in that close of proximity? It eats up floor space that could be used for more storage. I like that, at least, you have protected those doors from the elements, but they still could be drafty since it is so cold there. (My coworkers in your area all said they had snow today... not the best first day of spring!)

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Lolauren- I moved the washer and dryer, to get it out of the 'back hall' area, so people wouldn't have to walk past it, to get to the glass/screened porch. And, I like keeping the kitties separate from the laundry area. I know what you mean about 'the trek' but at least there's no stairs!

The doors in the mudroom (usually there are two) are so we can access the greenhouse, without going outside. My kitties are 'my babies'...might as well be honest (LOL) So, since we live on a farm, with coyotes, owls, and other dangers...the kitties stay inside. We do have some barn kitties (from down the road) who adopted us, but our indoor kitties, stay indoors...that's one reason for all the vestibules. And, they do keep the heat in and cold out, in the winter.

You're right, though...we had snow today, too. Typical March weather, in our area :)

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Summerfield- Thank you so much!

Can I just make a few small changes? The fireplace hearth is 3' deep...and I was wondering if I could have a plant, behind the chair/ottoman? Also, a few plants, on the sun porch? That looks so much better, with the extra 2'.

Also, the bench across from the freezer...I'm thinking would look like this. From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

While the 'bench' area in the mudroom, would look more like this...
(I believe this is Mydreamhome's mudroom picture) From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

And across from that (where it say cubbies) I was hoping to put in a 2' deep cabinets, with upper cabinets above.

Finally, by the laundry...maybe a countertop for folding laundry (with pull out hampers underneath) and the broom closet on the end (behind the door, when it' open). I've been trying to get as much storage as possible in this room, since the sunporch is now off the pantry area.

I think I like the bedroom more, without the window seat...and just the french doors. It seems to fit the space better.

It's so exciting to have such nice plans, to take to our contractor. So much better, than my graph paper.

Summerfield, thank you so much for all of your help and advice! :)

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I forgot to add...we don't need the door from the vestibule to the pergola. It's a cute feature, but the front door/pergola area is only about one (maybe two) steps up, from the ground. The back is more like four or five steps, due to the slight hill down to the creek. Thanks again! :)

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Summerfield- Do you think we should move the outside door to the greenhouse, to the front? With less stairs that might be a good idea. The table could still fit in the back corner (I hope). What do you think?

I might still put a bit of a courtyard garden, off the kitchen sink area. There's a lot of wind coming from that direction, which freezes my plants and the water pipes! I was thinking a little fence with hedges (I wish I could afford a wall! LOL) would cut down on the wind and keep the deer out of that part of the garden :)

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Summerfield- I also wanted to say thank you for the wonderful bookshelves, in the kitchen. That's exactly what I wanted...and behind the door to the sunporch, too.

Has anyone seen "The Good Witch's Garden" on Hallmark? I love the bookcase she has, in her kitchen :)

The little shelves, between the dining table and chair by the wood stove, will not be built-in. That's going to be my grandmother's antique bookcase... From Fairy tale cottage

With this teacup/plate display (from my mom) above... From Fairy tale cottage

Summerfield- Thank you so much, for helping me get all these details just right :)

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Just have to say this is beyond charming! Geez...I wish I could have a greenhouse :( But all my plants would end up It looks so picturesque. Like a movie set. I dream of living in a cottage type of home one day. The one from The Holiday was my dream. If you incorporate those new/old elements I think it will be such a wonderful place to live.

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Georgia- Thank you! I've been working on this plan, for a long time. There have been a lot of obstacles, since we're remodeling, rather than building new. I've always loved cottages and european this is kind of a mixture of both.

If you live in Georgia, you probably don't NEED a greenhouse! LOL It's snowing today...again, so it would be wonderful, to have some sunroom/greenhouse spaces that feel like summer, especially with our long winters. It's also the only way I'll ever get tomatoes started in time, to ripen! :)

Here's what it's been doing for the last few days. Supposed to quit tomorrow and maybe get sunny and warm up to the high 40s!

Views out the front and back... From Lavender's Garden From Lavender's Garden

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Summerfield- It all looks wonderful! Thank you so much :)

I like the sunporch so much better this way...and I didn't even notice the beams, in the kitchen. They look great! The doors swinging out, seem much better on the powder room and pantry, too. I can't wait to show my husband and our contractor.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

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Looks wonderful... your time & patience has paid are going to be thrilled with your home & I can't wait to follow your progress!

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So charming! It is inspiring to watch you consider all the details with so much patience and pleasure.

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Mommy and Mayberry- Thank you both. It's been a long process, but we're finally getting the house we want, can easily afford, and keeping MOL the original layout :)

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Summerfield- Just a quick update...while your plan is a great use of space, my husband really wants to keep the rooms in their original area, as much as possible. It doesn't help that our contractor also spent his summers, at the old farmhouse, as a kid, too. LOL

So, just a few small changes, if you don't mind. Everyone loves the way you drew the beams in, for the kitchen/keeping room...and the way they line up with everything. The only concern is the 3'3" area, between the island and range. I may not have made it clear that it's a range, rather than a cooktop...and the wall oven is actually the second oven. So, is there anyway to move the island over just a bit and also move the sink? The windows can be a bit smaller, and more like the ones, over the window seat. I'm hoping to have enough room for glasses, in the upper cabinet, by the fridge and a plate rack, to the left of the sink.

The only other changes...maybe taking out the corner cabinet, in the baking area (to have glass uppers) and having the pantry door swing in (as you had it before). Love the changes in the powder room, especially the door and toilet placement. Could we have a pedestal sink, though?

In the mudroom, my husband likes to have some counterspace for tools, etc. so I was hoping to replace those tall cabinets, with countertop and uppers. I'd love to have pegboard for that backsplash, so we could hang up tools, in designated spots...kind of like Julia Child had for her pans, in her kitchen. The bench areas are perfect!

Finally, in the greenhouse, could we move the door to the outside, to the front? That might work better, since it looks like the garden will be in that part of the yard.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful help/advice with the plan! It is so much easier to show people, with your amazing software. Thank you and please let me know if your niece ever needs a recommendation, for her software! Thanks again! :)

Oh, here's the windows we like, for the kitchen sink... From Fairy tale cottage

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I found it! I've been looking for this picture for months and I finally found it :) From Fairy tale cottage

This is my favorite marble work table...and I think it will work very well, in place of the island. I've had such a difficult time, deciding what to do with that island...wood top, marble, something else. Then, when I showed this picture to my mom last night...she said, you probably like it so much, because it's more rustic and the marble won't look 'wrong' with a patina.

She's right...I think I've avoided marble on a 'furniture' type island, because if it get's etched/stained, etc. it will look out of place. But, on a work table, it doesn't bother me...and it's easier to repair/replace, if I ever need to. And, my mom also said, a work table will look more appropriate, with my vintage kitchen. I think she's right, again! LOL

I like the wrought iron base, too. Now, I just have to figure out, what to put in the baking area. Stainless steel, granite, wood, something else? Any ideas? :)

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I do like this picture...with the blue base cabinets and black countertop. I think this would look great, in the baking area/pantry. The countertop looks like granite, but it's actually formica (from a Country Home article, I think).

Still wondering if it would be better to keep the formica (I like the cost) or change to granite, stainless steel, or something else. I appreciate any ideas/input, if anyone has any suggestions :) From Fairy tale cottage

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Lady Lavender ...

made the revisions for you ... i thought it better to revise the dimensions of the work table , rather than off-set the window ...

funny .. the work table photo that you like is in the kitchen of a friend of mine in california ! there are actually two work tables in there ... one is marble , the other , butcher block ...

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Summerfield- Thank you! It looks wonderful!!! :)

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Summerfield- Just a few more small things...if you don't mind. Everything looks so great! Can we just add a ceiling fan, in the master bedroom and the sun porch?

Also, I'd like to have a larger range, in the kitchen, with a bit of an oversized vent/hood. We don't have access to natural gas (and I don't like propane) so we want to get an electric range, with a built-in grill. They have them...but they seem to be mostly in the UK.

What do you think of butcherblock, in the baking area, under the window? I'm thinking about having that, with the formica around it. Any ideas for countertops in the mudroom? I need something that can take some abuse and hold up to tools, electric fencing materials, bridles, etc! Especially, across from the bench.

Finally, what do you think of having the broom closet, on the end of the cabinetry, by the washer/dryer? I only need enough space for a hamper between the broom closet and the washer...maybe a couple that slide out, like baskets?

Oh, and a pocket door, (french door) for the basement stairs.

And, I meant to say...the beams in the kitchen are beautiful!!! They look so great and line up perfectly! It's such a wonderful plan and it's perfect for us. Thank you so much for making our little farmhouse a lovely home :)

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Hey lavender - no idea how I missed this thread! A couple minor suggestions, take them or leave them! The plan looks fantastic!

1) maybe a pocket door from the mudroom to the pantry?
2) maybe a pocket door for pr in pantry
3) maybe the screen porch doors opens out into porch instead of into the shelves/powder door (or maybe leave the powder door as is and make the screen porch a pocket...not sure if that's possible?)
4) where the kitchen shelves are (by the fridge), you could make that a bottom counter with upper open shelves? that may give more of an open feel instead of a wall right by the fridge
5) can you turn the closet so it opens in the foyer hallway and not in the master bedroom hallway?

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Andi- Hi! Thanks for the response :)

Let's see...pocket door into the pantry and powder room are good ideas...but for now, I'm going to keep the regular doors, so the cats can't open them! I do want to change the basement door to a pocket door, but it would be a french door, with a latch if necessary. LOL

Screen is a different set up, but I wanted to make sure that people don't cut through the porch to get to the backyard/BBQ area. I don't want our indoor kitties getting out, by mistake...and the mudroom makes a good 'buffer' between them and the outside.

The BBQ will actually be behind the greenhouse on a different patio...maybe with a covered area. The patio shown will be smaller and just room for a few chaise lounges and a table and a couple of chairs...because our well is actually where the right corner of the patio is shown, on the plan. This is one of our shadier areas (and out of the wind) and I hope to put a fragrance garden out there. It will look great, with the lilac hedge, just to the right of the house :)

The kitchen shelves...good idea about opening that up a bit, but I saw some tall shelves on "The Good Witch's Garden" on Hallmark. It was a great space for cookbooks and jars of different flours, baking ingredients, etc. The main character also had a big range, with oversized hood, which was wonderful and would look great in the kitchen!

Finally, the closet would work much better in the hall, but then the french doors (between the hall and bathroom) would bump into the closet. The vestibule will probably have a bench with hooks, so most of the coat closet will be for our coats and the vacuum. LOL

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