Miele vs Wolf ovens

135deepaApril 23, 2012

Which option you think is best and why?

1) Wolf convection steam oven and wolf E series single oven


2)Miele speed oven and Miele single oven

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Do a search for Miele ovens here in Garden Web Appliance forums.

In the past (and still possibly today), The Miele ovens have had problems with low temperatures. You will find these problems on many different web-sites, Epinions, Chow Hound, Retrevo---etc etc.

I can't ever recall reading a post about low temp problems with the Wolf ovens.

Were It me, I would buy the Electrolux, and I did and Luv it, butttttt You are NOT Me, so buy the Wolf!


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Thanks Gary!

I am just going back and forth regarding a steam oven? Apart from wolf E series single oven.....I need a small oven for daily use to bake fish/ roast chicken ...
We currently donot make steam food, mostly Indian cooking....so not sure if steam convection oven fits our needs.

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miele speed oven and wolf "e" oven below.. i have this combo and love it.

agreeing with Gary, i shied away from miele full size oven
b/c of the temp issues. i got the wolf oven floor model so that was an easy decision. miele spped oven is fab and we use it every day.

combo looks fine installed and i like that they don't match. general consensus is get what works for you and don't worry about matching. function over form.

good luck!!

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Yep the Miele speed ovens are great, don't ever recall seeing a negative post. It's like most the folks say here, Every manufacturer has their goods and not so goods, Hard to beat Miele Speed ovens and Dishwashers, but until we see more positive inputs about Miele "recent ovens" I would go as
sprtphntc did.


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Thanks sprtphntc and Gary. I agree function over form....but still want to have perfect looks :-)

Instead of having Miele speed oven and Wolf E oven stacked....may be get installed in 2 different locations ..

Also we were planning wolf microwave drawer....if we choose Miele speed oven...might just don't need a microwave drawer

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Wolf has their Steam/convection oven, have you considered that?

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Yes Phil, if you see my Original post , wolf steam convection is one of the options ...

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Another location is a Great Idea. Originally I was gonna stack my Elux Icon speed oven over my Elux Icon Regular 30" oven. They are a "Perfect Match". Form over function as ya said, alto I did choose the Elux's for function, butttt---
My Kitchen cabinet maker as well as my kitchen builder both suggested putting the speed oven next to the fridge and not above the oven. That way the speed oven could be at the exact height we desired + when one is operating the oven, the other can be operating the speed oven,
(one does not block acccess to the other). 5+ years later we still love that arrangement, rather than one over the other.


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you can put the speed oven in the island if you have one... we do not so only option was stack. unless you use the micro all the time, i would not get a micro with the speed oven, then you can put spd oven in island.

we do have times when both are needed, but we kept our micro from original kitchen and have it in the laundry room. for as many times that it happens, which is maybe once every 2-3 weeks, its really not a big deal in our house. we are a fam of 5.

don't know anything about wolf steam oven, so can't comment.

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I am also considering the Wolf steam oven and would like to hear comments from someone who owns one.

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