Questions on Eco Promenade Toto Toilet

enduringApril 14, 2012

Hello, what are your experiences with this toilet? I have read that there is a lot of splashing onto the toilet seat, is that your experience? Has it preformed well in the flushing department?


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Hate ours. Chose a different toilet for latest bath remodel and I would replace the Promenade if it were economically feasible.

The water sits way, way down in the bowl. It doesn't look like enough, and it isn't. The bowl is always dirty with flecks of crud. Flushing power is just sad. Usually have to flush twice which defeats the whole purpose of low-water tank.

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Shanghaimom , When did you get your toilet? Do you have the Eco model or the standard model? On the web I read some, not so glowing, reviews of the Eco Promenade from some years back. The regular model had better reviews. I didn't know there were 2 models until after I posted this query. The newer models of the regular Promenade (and maybe the Eco too) have the Gmax flush system which I believe the earlier models did not have. Thanks for posting.

Jennaparker, did you register today just to give me feedback on my question? Or is this a flush of spam.

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