OT Marlene

nana2010_gwApril 19, 2013

Has anyone heard from Marlene lately?

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If she doesn't check in soon, I'll email her. Hopefully she's getting nice weather and back in her beloved gardens.

You always are thinking of others, Nana! I think we are so lucky you joined us here, and let us get to know what a big, caring heart you have. As well as sharing your beautiful decorating! You are definitely an important member of our Holiday family, and I want you know that you've definitely given me a lot of joy.

hugs, Karen

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So agree with PM, Nana. I was hoping we'd hear from Marlene too. Maybe we need to keep bumping this to the top till we hear from her.


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Marlene Kindred

Hi there girls!!

Thanks for checking on me....I am fine! It just seems like the weeks fly by. The weather has been better, so I've been venturing outside to weed some. DH and I bought another camper as well and we've moved it to a campground about an hour from home, so we've been spending a lot of time "nesting" and making repairs to that as well. Last weekend I drove to WV to spend the weekend with my BF....had a great visit with him as. My knee is doing very well...as long as I remember that I need to rest and elevate it. Still have quite a bit of swelling in the knee itself and in the ankle, but I refuse to give in to it. The doctor released me from his care about 3 weeks ago and told me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing. I check in here from time to time, but haven't been doing much decorating at home and haven't posted a lot. I promise to do better! It's nice to know I was missed.

You ladies are the best!


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