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dnilsenMarch 14, 2012

I thought I posted this earlier, but somehow it has disappeared, but, my question is this: My windows were put in yesterday and I am planning to paint white as an exterior color. My windows are clad and are paintable, but since my panes that are enclosed between two pieces of glass are white, would it look weird for my interior trim color to be a tannish color? The panes are only on top in craftsman style and the bottom are open. See photo. Any input is welcome.

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By panes, I guess you mean the mullion dividing the window? Are they between the glass? And yes, I think your interior paint should definitely match the between the glass mullion. I think to do otherwise would draw great attention to the between the glass mullion, which are less aesthetically pleasing but more practical than simulated divided light. To paint the trim another color will highlight something that I would personally like to make fade away.

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I think your TRIM can be whatever color you want, but your window frames need to be white. Does that make sense?

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Good point kirkhall!

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