No glue-No sew Placemats...endless possibilities

PurplemoonApril 24, 2012

I saw this idea on a blog and thought it was worth sharing. The possibilities for placemats is as endless as there are fabric...and be really neat for various holidays.

Especially as you can just whip them off and wash to use over (or use as napkins too.)



PS....sorry to be missing this past week. I spent a lot of time fighting major anxiety attacks over neck surgery I had to have to remove a huge tumor from back of my neck.

The thought of my neck being messed up, and getting anethesia scared me to death. I'm such a wimp!!

Surgery was yesterday, successful but my neck sure hurts bad. Will get biopsy back on Thurs, tho Lipomas are rarely malignant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Neat idea for placemats

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Marlene Kindred goodness...I had no idea! Thanks so much for the link, but you should have let us know...we could have had prayers flying your way! So glad it's over and you're doing better...hope you have some pain meds for the neck. Take it easy lady!

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Karen, this is a great idea. I love her choice of material she used. Bet you did too. Some people are so clever.

Again, so glad your surgery was successful. Take your drugs while need be for pain. Let us know how your biospy comes out.

More hugs and prayers coming your way. Sometimes we worry more than need be but your not a whimp! Just shows you have Feelings and that's a good thing.


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Karen, hope you're feeling a little better by now. Sleeping any?

That placemat-in-a-pinch idea is fab! Glad you spotted it and posted the link. Something tells me I'm going to be using that idea.

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Cool! Placemat slipcovers!

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Karen...when it comes to surgery of any kind..
we do put ourselves through all kinds of anxiety...after all, we're only human.
Sometimes it does help to share those feelings, but then, everyone has their own
way of dealing with it. I'm so glad to all went well for you and that you're feeling relieved.
Take care of yourself...and prayers for good news on the biopsy.

Great idea using fabric this way for 'no sew' placemats.
I'm usually thinking napkins with left over fabric, but
this idea was so clever. I like the fabric she picked out too.


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Oh, the fabric is GORGEOUS! (quick fix, too!) TFS!

I'm glad the surgery is over, Karen & that you are here on the forum for a bit...take those pain meds & will keep you in good thought & prayer for Thurs. news & healing. Gentle hug, Jeanne S.

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Jane, I normally share my feelings here...and prayers sure would have been welcomed. But it was embarrassing to be scared senseless. I actually wrote out 'final wishes' for my husband and my daughter to take care if something should happen to me. Pretty pathetic, huh? (several years ago a friend of ours went in hospital for minor knee surgery and her heart stopped 3 times under the anethesia. She was in a coma for 6 wks then died. So that was really playing havoc with my anxiety as my surgery date grew nearer.) I'm still fighting it a bit till I get biopsy results.

hugs, Karen

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[[Karen]] I'm so glad your surgery went well!!
Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

I'm lovin the placemat 'slipcovers' too.
Fun idea.

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Karen, sure glad your surgery went well and prayers for a good biopsy report tomorrow. Sorry to be the cows tail sending good wishes your way, but hadn't had a chance to check the forum for a few days. Hope your neck is healing well and you are not in too much pain. I think we are all whimps when it comes to having ansethia and surgery. My DDIL had some "Female Problems" and had surgery today and she was pretty nervous too and she is a nurse.Guess we wouldn't be human if we didn't feel dread and fear. Let us know when you hear from the report. Hugs and prayers, Janet

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Wow, Karen, I can completely empathize with your anxiety over the neck surgery, and I'm glad it seems to have gone well for you! I hate knowing that I will have permanent damage with my surgery so I'm having angst early and trying to delay. :(

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