CD Kitchenaid fridge - which one to choose?

smaloneyApril 15, 2012

I need a counterdepth refrigerator for my very narrow galley kitchen, and would prefer one without water/ice in the door for a variety of reasons. I'm looking at the Kitchenaids (KBFS20EV and KFCS22EV), which seem to get good reviews, and trying to figure out if it's worth the extra $900 to get the slightly taller/larger one (KFCS22EV). I've seen them both in person and I can see that the hinges on the taller one are less obvious etc. But I just can't figure out if the slightly larger capacity and slicker look are worth the extra money, especially since I have a sneaky suspicion that we will need additional capacity at some point in either case. Can anyone give any feedback? And if there is a better CD refrigerator, point me in that direction instead. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to KA CD fridges

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I can't speak to the price of going larger. Although we wished we could of. The hinges do sit flush on top of the fridge. We have a CD side by side KA that is 5 years old. We are very happy with it. I have a second fridge in laundry room so we skipped going with a french door.

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I was in your position a while back. The taller one has nicer produce bins ltaller, important to me especially with the reduced capacity due to counter depth) with the satin glide etc and nicer freezer racks/rollouts also. I think also the freezer drawer may have a nicer sliding mechanism. I think the interior of the fridge is significantly larger on the taller one than on the shorter one. I also liked the hidden hinges. So I ponied up the extra and went for it - decided I did not want to skimp and be unhappy with my purchase. It was quite a difference but I have gotten over it now.

But, on this topic I want to ask if anyone knows if there is any difference in the quality of the electronics/temperature control on those two models? I ask because my tall one has been perfect since install but a friend just purchased the Jenn Air equivalent of the shorter one and has terrible problems with temperature control. She sets the fridge to 38 and gets below 30 in the crisper bins and has ruined several batches of produce already. The KA and Jenn Air websites are not really clear on whether or not the differences between the models are cosmetic (size, hinges, bins, glides etc) or whether there is also a mechanical/electrical upgrade on the more expensive model.

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We just got the larger model and it is so spacious for a CD. Temperature has been perfect and we love the water on the side inside the fridge. It takes no room and works perfectly. I would pay the extra again- it was worth it.

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I echo CKGM - I have been very pleased with mine and it has worked perfectly. And yes, it is very spacious, I find things can overhang the shelves at the front (large bowls etc) and yet the doors still close fine. Unless budget was a pressing issue I would pay the extra again for the nicer taller unit.

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