Cleaning moldy money. Would this be 'money laundering'?

albert_135May 28, 2011

A story somewhere yesterday in one of those weird news columns; someone said they had a bunch of $1 bills in a drawer in a basement that was flooded by the Mississippi and now the bills smell moldy. They want to clean them rather than taking them to the bank because it is a collection one for each birthday over about 50 years. How would your proceed?

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I read that US paper currency is not paper but rather a fabric similar to linen. I have left bills in pants pockets and washed them without damaging the bills. So I imagine you could just wash them in mild soap and water and rinse.

If they just smell funny but are not dirty, you could air them out in the sun.

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I've accidentally washed my husband's wallet more than once. (He keeps his wallet in his pants pocket). The currency (cash bills) get wet and slimy but I simply unfold them, lay them to dry on a table, and they're fine. You could wash them in mild soapy water and I'm sure they'll be fine.

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I've washed plenty of U.S. currency over the years will no ill effects although it's certainly not something that should be done with currency having a numismatic value. The Bureau of Printing and Engraving does quite a bit of testing to ensure that it lasts a long time.

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OMG - I can't believe that someone has a website offering money laundering services, and not the soap and water kind!

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Ahh just take it to the dry cleaners, or call your insurance company.. they maybe have a prefered laundry guy.

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