Removing blood stains from sweater

pinkcarnationMay 22, 2008

After my last treatment, the nurse got a few drops of blood on my cotton sweater while accessing my port. Later, my DD used a "Tide to go" stick on it and all that did was smear it. At home, I sprayed the stains with Oxy spray and let it set for awhile and threw it in the machine. When I took it out, the stains were a bit lighter, but still there. I didn't put it in the dryer, and was wondering if I now soak it in Oxy Clean or peroxide, will that remove the blood, or is my sweater ruined? I hope someone can help, as I love that sweater!

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Always soak blood stains in cold water....before soap or Tide or OXY anything else.
Soak the whole sweater in cold water now for at least 24 hours and see what's up....if it's still there then try an enzyme cleaner, like BIZ or a cleaner meant for pet and kid stains....there is one called "Pets 'n Kids" that is good. Then as a last resort soak the whole thing in OXY clean for 24 hours or more. But it will lighten the color of the sweater a bit.
Linda C

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My DH has eczema and is always getting blood spots on the sheets. I have great luck with Spray 'n Wash Dual Power. It comes in the divided bottle. It usually takes care of all the blood stains. Good Luck

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in the vets office we use hydrogen peroxide and we just treat it and wash later- stains come out just fine.

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These things are unfortunate, but they do happen. While you do want to look nice going for your treatments...try this. Get a few cheap T-Shirts in colors that compliment you. Put the shirt on and with a marker, mark a circle around where your catheter or med-port is. Take the shirt off and cut out the circle (NEVER use a scissor near your catheter or med-port. When going for treatment where this shirt under your pretty sweaters or blouses. Remove your top for treatment, your body is covered, port is accessable, and if the T-shirt gets blood on it...well, no big deal. Be sure to tuck in the legs of your port before removing the T shirt. All best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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hydrogen peroxide works great.

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Pour on hydrogen peroxide, rub it a bit but be gentle, then wash in cold water in the sink. Remove from rinse water, blot dry, then air dry. It works for me. I've had nosebleeds all my life,so I'm an expert at blood stains.

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Sorry it has been awhile since I first posted this. I want to thank all of you for the wonderful hints and well wishes!

~Linda, I have always soaked blood-stained clothing
in cold water, and had no problems removing the stains. After trying the Tide stick though, that wasn't working for some reason.

~tishanyc, What an innovative idea! Actually, my med-port is surgically implanted, so I don't have to worry about damaging it! Thanks for the well wishes! I take it one day at a time and Thank God for all my Blessings!!

My DIL continued to soak my sweater and use the Oxy spray and was able to remove all the stains. I will certainly keep the other ideas in mind in future, as I am sure I will have this problem again.

Thanks guys are awesome!!

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