Sofla and KevinMP, or anybody with marble shower .

lilloApril 27, 2013

I am going to place the order Monday for my shower tile. I am going to go with polar white marble with silver grey grout. How is your overall experience with marble tile in the shower ? How do you clean it ? What is your daily routine with it ? I hear a lot about rust stains especially on the shower floor. Thank you for your help.

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I have my marble sealed with Dupont bullet. I squeegee, wipe down the fixtures and run the fan for about 30 min after a shower. So far so good. I have not had any rust stains yet but have only been using the shower for about two weeks.

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Thank you Sofla, enjoy it. Despite all the warnings from staining and etching , I love the look of this real marble . I'll take the chance and cross my fingers.

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I haven't had any problems. But not all marbles are the same, and I know nothing about polar white. I used Senguard sealer by Cosentino, which I got from my local marble/granite yard. It's really expensive, but he claims it's the best, and it's all he recommends for calacatta, statuary, venetino, and other white marbles.

I use a marble cleaner (something with the appropriate pH), and I squeegee the wall tile maybe once every other week. I clean the floor and the lower level of wall tile around the perimeter with a scrub pad and the marble cleaner to remove soap residue.

Good luck.

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Thank you KevinMP , I'll try to look for that sealant. How do you apply it without damaging your shower fixtures ?

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13 years ago i moved into new build with a marble shower... it had both a dk verdi marble and a lighter, whitish marble in it-don't know the type... i don't know if the shower was sealed by the tile installers, but only lived in that house less than 3 years and some areas in the shower had significant etching... i had used a 'marble safe' cleaner on it and nothing else...

2 1/2 yrs ago we had our current shower redone in marble... had it sealed and resealed it twice (about once a year...) and it looks perfect, so i assume sealing it is key... (and using a marble safe cleaner when cleaning!) tho the type of marble used might also be a factor...?

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I think that the marble kind , the sealant and how often you seal it are all key factors in the marble up keep. Thank you and I hope your marble stays that way for a very long time .

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