Yikes! Not sure I like my stucco color!

cbusmomof3March 14, 2012

I hope you're all having this wonderful early spring weather that we're having here in Ohio!

Sunny and 74 here and the final stucco coat is going up right now. I drove by the house today and I'm feeling anxious about the color. It doesn't look like I imagined it. I chose it by pointing to another house in our neighborhood that our builder built, and saying "that color", so guess I expected it to look a lot like that house! I realize that the older house is, well, older...and dirtier, but I expected them to look more similar than they do right now.

They told me that it will lighten up for a few days then start to darken to the real color. I guess I'm just crossing my fingers. Did anyone of you panic a little when you first saw the final coat?? Hoping for a little reassurance.

Here's a picture, although it's hard to see much because the lighting was hard and there was scaffolding, tarp, and red tape everywhere.

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I had the trim paint halted when I drove by at 5:30 and saw it, still being sprayed, what looked like a yellowish cream. I freaked. The painters were called off. I went over the next morning and it looked fine - yellow had disappeared - but it was cloudy and I wanted to look at it in the sun too. No yellow in the sun, and all is fine.

I don't know how stucco works but I think the whole thing is very deceptive with all the construction debris, red clay (in our case), etc. I know the outside colors will look so much better when they are surrounded with green grass and boxwoods and trees instead of red clay!

It may not be the color you want or what it will end up being, but it is a nice color and goes with your brick accents and your roof . . . unlike my trim paint which totally clashed with everything and almost gave me a heart attack!

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@athensmom-Thanks! You've made me feel better! I'm going to go back over after I pick the kids up and see what it looks like now that it's had a few hours to dry in the sun. By the way, I am loving watching your progress. It's such a gorgeous house. I love Georgian colonials!!

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