done 100% DIY 44 sq bathroom in 100 yr old house

lizdcApril 8, 2014

We just finished our 100% DIY bathroom in our 1911 house.

I have been lurking this time but back in 2005 this place was a godsend when I was redoing my kitchen if you look up my name you can see my ikea kitchen.
If you click threw to to my pintrest page you can see more detailed pictures. I will add a post with a before or just after demo so you can see where it started. You all where so helpful even though you didn't know it since I was reading and not posting.

My husband did the work and I did most of the design and some of the minor work. This included a total gut of the prior bathroom that I had updated some over the 12 years I have been in the house. When I bought the house the tub was baby blue there was a vanity that you ran into when you entered. Also forest green accent tiles and a plywood stained built in. Before this gut I had updated the room a but by getting the tub recolored (plus having them do the forest green accent tiles) and switching out the lights and the sink to a pedestal

But this was a gut to studs and new subfloor. Hubby did it all.
Moving some of the plumbing, installing 2 new outlets for the jetted tub and reconfiguring the other electrical so we could have a light/fan over the tub/ a chandelier and two scones.

It took us (mainly him) 6 weeks and cost about 3k in materials. To help I hand made the shelves including staining and poly, did the primer and paint on walls and trim, also stained and poly two wine boxes for storage in the room.

The tub is a American standard alcove jetted tub from HD. It is 21 inches deep but works great as a shower combo. The tile surround is a marble look alike porcelain that I read mentioned a bunch of times here from HD. The tile are wood look porcelain tile in gunstock. The sink (I had put in a few years ago) is American Standard pedestal, and we didn't replace the toilet but may down the road. The chandelier is from Ikea and the scones we bought at an antique store in NH then redid the wiring. We got a new door at a local salvage yard. And I got the tub caddy online.

Here is a link that might be useful: pintrest page on bathroom

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Here is the nearly before picture after the 5 layers of flooring was taken out.

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Here you can see the early demo with the done shot next to it (plus my hubby and my puppy).

I couldn't be happier. Love my new bathroom which is the only full bath in the house. We have a 1/2 bath on the first floor that my hubby redid last year but this is the only bath with tub/shower.
I am a complete tub girl so this is great for me (plus I run and ride a motorcycle so it is REALLY helpful to have jetted tub for muscles doing both those sports)

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Beautiful job! Love the price that you were able to do it for...totally impressed! That 3K included EVERYTHING, ie all the electrical, subfloor, plumbing, etc.?

Intrigued by the wine boxes, didn't see those anywhere, unless it's the shelves over the toilet. (But you described those as coming from an orange must have BIG orange boxes where you live! LOL)

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Wow- what a challenge and beautiful outcome. I would have just thrown in the towel - wish we were more DIY - but not to be.

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Yes 3k total I have a spreadsheet and my husband is VERY handy and very stubborn so even if I suggested that just to help that we see if a friend would come over to be his assistant the answer was nope.
Orange box was in fact Home Depot it is 2 miles away. One of my jobs was buying everything. One thing about DIY is that you don't do it enough to know everything you might need so it involved a lot of time with me at Home Depot.

The storage in the bathroom was all me. The wine boxes and the shelves. Wine box project was me going to a nicer wine shop and asking to buy two wine boxes. They gave them to me. 1 box was a case size that I use for towels and also move over by the tub and use for table. 1 box was a 6 bottle size with a lid. That is where all the back up TP and wash clothes/ handtowels are). The stain I had a quart of gunstock stain. I bought marine poly ($13). I put three layers of marine grade poly on the boxes and the shelves. The shelves where a 8 by 1 in 6 foot long pine board (FSC certified to boot) at home depot ($14) that I had them cut into 3 24 inch pieces. The corbels were unstained ($4 each so $24). Hubby took a router to the end of the shelves before I stained them. So all the storage in the bathroom came to about $55 half of which was because I choose the fancier corbels.

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Here is the shelves mid process and then hanging on the wall. FYI my husband has told me that some of the picture I took of the shelves look off since I was standing on the tub to get the picture. They are 100% level even if my photography isn't :-)

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On the 3 K it was over what I had est by about 1k but that is because I didn't know how much of lots of the materials we would need like wiring, hardi backer board, dry wall mud ect. I was way under in all those categories. On the tile, tub, lights ect I was dead on.
We also reused our sink since I had just put that in, our toilet (already low flow and fit in small space) and our fixtures since I had just bought the tub trim kit a few years ago when I reglazed the tub and also the faucet when I got the sink.
The 3 K also includes all the new towels, curtains, the liner and the stuff on the shelves. But they all of that came from TJ Maxx or ikea.
My est if we had a contract due this much work is it would have been more like 12K-15K so I figured we saved like 10 K this way.

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OK, now I get the Orange Box reference! LOL Like the wine boxes too, and admire your ingenuity and creativity.

We are also completing DIYing our Master BR (We had the vanity made, and the shower base made, but I still consider it a total DIY).

I too have a spreadsheet, and will also be over my estimate. We bought some tools for DH to complete the job, and I'm adding those to my cost, but I'll have them in a separate category, just like the Mitre Saw I bought him when he put up the Crown Molding in the kitchen. We needed to buy them to do a specific job, but we will be able to use them on other jobs...such as the one more bathroom to go...

If I had a dollar for every trip to HD...I don't so much mind the necessary trips, but what bugs me are the ones he made cuz he couldn't find what he needed! Like after I spent half a day sourcing and comparing prices for baseboard molding, he tells me he has found enough to do the job (ie bedroom, LR and hallway) in the garage... That's one of the problems of long long renovations, not only do you forget where things are, you forget that you even have them! LOL

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Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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Raehelen I totally agree like the two sets of mirror clips I bought and the more boxes of tile than needed. Three different trips for moulding and 1 return.
And I would completely consider your bathroom DIY.

I did include everything in my spreadsheet so I do include the tile saw and nips ect. My husband has multi 4 foot high tool boxes so most tools we have. But I include it just for ease of tracking

One tip my hubby figured out for anyone doing the main/only full bath in your house esp if you have a half bath like we did. He gutted the tub and floor first so he could focus on the subfloor, tub electrical, plumbing move ( moving tub spout from side to shower wall and moving up spout and handle for taller tub), installing tub, tile backer, tile, grout in first week. So we only lost shower for a week. Since we have a half bath downstairs it we basically only lost function for a week.

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This is just lovely. Well done!

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Loooooooove it!!!!

And love that you are another DIYer! I'm in the middle of a DIY bathroom (aka the Starting From Dirt Basement Bath/plus Laundry) and we finished a powder room (aka the Slightly Imperfect Powder Room) last year. Like you, DH does most of the manual work, and I do all the planning, shopping and design, and help with the work, and do quality control. I hope ours turns out as great!

Always ;-)

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Thanks Hunzi and Enduring. Hunzi I looked at your thread I love the half bath. I think mine is as small ( the joys of a 100 year old house) I should post pictures is my half at some piont. I cant believe what you where about to do with the space! Cant wait to see how it turned out. I actually updated my spreadsheet and realized that it hadn't been deducting my returns ( and I just did a big return run. So as of now we have spent just under $2400 for everything ! We might get the spa in line heater so that will be $200 if we do it which would make the whole project $2600 :-) that number includes the new print I found. The other day I found the perfect print for my bathroom by Emily Adams. It says Le Petit Spa ( the small spa) and I decided it is the perfect name for my tiny bathroom with a spa tub and chandelier :-)

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I hung it right over our towel bar. So my bathroom is now the Le Petit Spa :-)

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I also got around to decorating the shelves with storage pieces. The white boxes are a set from ikea, the mason jars as well. And my husband asked me if I could find a cherub. Low and behold that day in Marshall's they had this one. I added a skull just for fun ( to be the opposite of the cherub). And the vase for a splash of color. It also adds a lot of ways for me to store stuff including out of site ( in the boxes).

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Such a great job and an inspiration to tight budgets and DIY-ers everywhere!

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lizdc, your bath looks great. I'm interested in your shower curtain set-up. I can see the double rod, but am wondering where you found an interior curtain long enough to work? I'm assuming the decorative curtains are just draperies?


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Thanks jruter and oylchick ! On the curtain. The rods I had they are tension rods. I just moved them to the ceiling. My ceiling is about 8.5 feet. The outer curtain is a set from ikea. Mostly decorative but if someone needed in the bathroom while someone was in the shower/bath they would provide privacy if closed. The inner is an 84 inch clear shower curtain. For me that was perfect it hits inside the 20/21 inch( cant remember which it is right now) about 6/7 inches in. Since this is a jetted tub it has an air intake that I didn't want it to cover so it wouldn't get caught if jets where on. This one is from bed bath and beyond. But I found a 96 inch online then measured an realized that covered the air intake so I didn't order it. Honestly, I googled 96 inch clear shower liner and extra long shower curtain liner to find it. The fan over the tub is also a light so I wasn't worried about light. I have hung all my curtains at the ceiling in the house and love the look. Tip most ikea curtains are 96 inches or 110 and they come with hem tape so they are a great source for full length curtains. But they didn't have a long shower liner. I will try to grab a picture later.

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Thanks Liz. I may do the same thing on my tub.

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