Something weird's happening in the Toilet Bowl

jimyyzMay 24, 2013

and i'm not talking about the regular weird stuff.... My toilet bowl is getting hard water-like stained within 1 week of cleaning. But it can't be hard water (which we do have). Normally it take a month or two to see hard water stains -- we have two toilets and that's usually what it takes in the second one. Also, I'm not talking about a little staining.

I've used all of the regular cleaners, including Limeaway, and Lysol, etc. They clean it. But within a week it's quite bad again. I'm almost wondering if it's some kind of mould but even mould wouldn't come back that fast when cleaned with bleach type products.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

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Look inside the tank. It probably needs a good scrub.

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I've used bleach in the tank,let in set for a couple of hours, I find it easier than trying to scrub in there, I think housefairy is right on about the tank being the problem.

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If the bowl has become scratched - perhaps from scrubbing with abrasives - limescale and other gunk will attack more quickly.

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