Shopping for a new Toilet?

kruiseApril 2, 2014

So how do you try to pick out a new toilet when they are all hanging several feet about you at Home Depot? I really couldn't get a good look at them. Same thing at Lowes.

BTW, I live in a town of about 100,000 people so those are problemly the only options but I do live within a hour of Seattle. Thanks

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They're probably up there so no one tries to use them.

Don't they all more or less look the same? It's just a matter of picking color, 1 or 2 piece and some are really good at flushing in case you tend to clog things easily.

Amazon has a good selection and many have free shipping.

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To me, or more correctly, the boss, my wife, she wants skirted toilets. I agree with her on this as they look better and are much easier to clean. I prefer Toto toilets and have had them in our last and current home.

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I am planning to order my toilet sight unseen from a picture on Amazon. (Toto Aquia). Unfortunately, there is not one Acquia in the US right now with a 10" rough in which is what I need. They are on backorder until May! I won't start my remodel until I have the new toilet in my house.

I suggest you do research and see what other people like and the ratings the toilet you want gets. Even if you could sit on a toilet in the store with all your clothes on, you wouldn't, right?

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You pick one out on the basis of performance and then looks. Sitting on one will tell you nothing as they are all about the same height, except for ADA models. The question of what is a good toilet has been asked many times in this forum, so use the search function. The link below will also be helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Terry Love Toilet Ratings

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I will be buying my 2nd skirted Toto Aquia 2 on the internet soon. No issues with my other toilets that I bought sight unseen (Toto Aquia and Toto Drake) I better remember to check the rough-in. Hope it's not 10 since I will be #2 in line!

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The plumbing store sales associate told me to look for a toilet that was glazed all the way down the "throat" as glazing helps prevent clogs. Also, if you're tall, look for a "comfort height" toilet as it sits up a bit higher than other models.

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Any good quality toilet has full glazing in the trap. However, it's important to know that trap diameters vary and some, like Toto, have slightly larger diameters that can make a big difference in getting efficient, complete flushes.

As for taller toilets, which marketers call "comfort height," these are mainly aimed at older people, people who are overweight, or people with disabilities, who have trouble getting up and down from a seated position. They're about 2" taller than what most of us are used to. I am tall and have never found it a benefit to have a taller toilet. They are a disadvantage for average to short people, and particularly for children. The link below is to an interesting thread here at GW debating the pros and cons of these toilets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Comfort height toilets

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I don't feel the need to sit on any of the toilets hanging on the wall but they are so high up that it's hard to get a good look.

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You can see pictures of Home Depot toilets in a normal orientation on their web site. And maybe they have pictures on the boxes in the stores. What exactly are you trying to figure out that you can't tell from the displays in the store?

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Kruise - I thought the same thing!!!

Have contemplated asking them to get one (or more) down for me to see, opening up boxes that are on the floor, or sneaking up one of their huge ladders to climb up there to view them.

Here is a link that might be useful: MaP toilet testing results

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I also live in a 'town' of about 100,000. (here in Canada, we call that a 'city', LOL).

We have a number of plumbing supply places/showrooms that usually have the toilets down on the floor and bolted down so that you can 'try them on'.

Seattle would definitely have lots of choices too. I am just north of you, in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver.

I have three different toilets, my newest and most favourite, is the Toto Vespin11. A skirted version of the Toto Drake. Can highly recommend it.

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Jeerszegirl, I bought and installed a Toto with a 12" rough-in. turned out that after remodel I was off and needed a 10". Some models of Toto's have the plastic trap assembly that mounts to the closet flange and then the toilet drops on top of that. I bought the 10" trap assembly, which is sold separately, installed it on the closet flange and set the same toilet, creating a 10" from a 12".

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There are many options for purchasing a toilet other than HD (esp in the greater Seattle area). Many plumbing supply stores (and frankly, that is where I got my totos for less than I could find online--unadvertised pricing).

Which direction from Seattle are you? North? South, Peninsula, East? I could give you a few recs.

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I bought two Toto Drakes from National Builder Supply which appears to be in the same town in GA that Toto is located. Perhaps there is a connection but I really don't know. I do know I saved well over $100 on each over the local prices and because they were not in stock locally the places wanted to charge me shipping. The shipping from NBS was free and they were delivered in 4 days. Having used these toilets for over a year now, we would never buy another brand. Our water bill even went down significantly. Previous toilets were K. Wellworths.

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Glad to find this thread and read about buying Toto from National Builder Supply in Ga online from scpalmetto! I have been looking at their toilets for a couple of weeks now and hesitated as the toilet I was interested was practically $200 cheaper than the one I was thinking of ordering from a local store and free shipment?! NBS is in the same town as Toto may be there really is a connection for the lower price!! I am feeling a lot better now and may order the Toto Aquia (still looking) soon from NBS. Hope to hear more re NBS and Toto soon, Thanks everyone!

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toby999: "Hope to hear more re NBS and Toto soon, Thanks everyone!"

Plan ahead for the unpacking! Toilets are easily broken, so National Builders Supply packs them with polystyrene peanuts AND foamed-in plastic. Both support static electric charges, and you may find that simply extracting the toilet from the box will fully redecorate with tiny clingy pieces of plastic the ceiling, walls, and floor of the room where the box is when it is unpacked.

Also, unless you have a particularly cozy relationship with the plumber who will install the toilet, take into consideration the extra hourly costs for unpacking the toilet from the box; you may be shocked how much time (and, therefore, dollars) it adds to the plumber's bill. You can save that by unpacking the toilet yourself before the plumber arrives at your door, but do not underestimate the time that you will need to do so.

Finally, your regular garbage hauler almost certainly will not be happy to pick up the empty box (with adhering foam), and so you might want to research in advance where the packing materials can legally be disposed of in your city.

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Thanks herring_maven for the heads up on unpacking issues if that's the case. We will be doing it on the driveway and storing in the garage to be installed. I am checking Amazon too and the price is practically the same as NBS and no tax here and both free ship! I am still figuring out which 1 or 2 piece toto ( ultramax or soiree now) and NBS or Amazon!

Update: 5/30 - I ordered the toto toilets from NBS and no such packing as described above. Well packed and easy to unpack and delivery was very careful on wood crates - toilets still need to be installed.

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