Modified Swiffer Wet Jet

ebear1271May 17, 2009

I thought this was a pretty handy, and economical, tip I picked up in the comments section on Amazon. I wanted to try the Swiffer Wet Jet but I didn't want to have to keep buying disposable pads. I don't use toxic cleaners so that pretty much wiped out the cleaning solution that comes with the Wet Jet. The tip on Amazon said you could actually get the lid off of the cleaning solution container if you gently use a pair of pliers. I tried it and voila! it worked. Now I put my own cleaner in the container and I went out and bought some washable microfiber mop pads that attach to velcro. It's so easy to use that I've been mopping the kitchen floor every day (with 5 people and 2 dogs in the house it really needs it!).

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Wow-great ideas! I had heard about opening the WetJet cleaning solution bottle, but never knew anyone who actually DID IT. I love my Swiffer WetJet but I don't love the price of buying new pads and bottles of cleaning liquid. This should work for me.

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I have been using my own solution in the WetJet for about a year. Here is the recipe that I have been using:

Swiffer Refill-33 ounces

1. Soften lid with hot water - 30 to 45 seconds
2. Use pliers to lightly squeeze the base of the lid (not the upper part) as you twist it off. You will then see the teeth on the inside that "prevent" you from refilling it yourself.
3. Refill with solution below:

⢠2 tablespoons of ammonia
⢠1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol
⢠1/2 teaspoon of dish soap
⢠28 ounces water

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I'll have to try getting the *&@*% lid off again. Alot easier than what I've been doing. I tried unsuccessfully couple years ago....I've been re-filling it with a 50cc syringe !!! I keep one refill with vinegar mix for tile floors, one with Murphys wood cleaner and one with Fabuloso.

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flalady, what percentage of water/Murphy's do you use? That's a great idea but I don't want to leave a film on the floors.

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