How to clean outdoor gutters....

looony2nzMay 27, 2006

My house has gutters (for rainwater) and we recently re-did our backyard and will have many more guests, but they will now also be staring at our dirty gutters. Is the only way to clean them with bleach? I have a paver deck patio and don't want to chance getting bleach on them. I assume I will have to tarp, do i spray the bleach (mix with water??) or what other products work well?


Shari in FL

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My children thought i was crazy up on the roof cleaning mine with softscrub once

I bet ZEP carried by HD would have a product - try the one for outdoor chairs

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Streak Getter works will for me. I spray it on the gutter stains then brush it with an extended handle brush that I clean the ceiling fans with. Cleans the stains easily. The link below is where I ordered the product from.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gutter Cleaner

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Awesome cleaner from Dollar Store works great!

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I bought Streak Getter from and it was crazy. The black immediately melted off. I bought the cleaning pad too and I'd recommend it too. It's really aggressive so be very careful with it. My black grill has white drips on it and where it dripped on my galvanized fence it ate the galvanizing right off. I got a white milk like solution dripping off which is probably 16 years of oxidation. I don't know if using it repeatedly will remove the paint. I know my gutters are white as new. They don't have the gloss like new, but wow did it take the black off. I'd recommend using the product sparingly, cover up what you can't move with plastic and use the cleaning pad. I used less than a gallon on 100 feet of gutter. It didn't hurt my clothes, skin or hair. It was a 100 degree day so I kept jumping in and out of my pool to keep cool and just wore trunks and crocks. I've since asked for an MSDS to see if if if if if if if there are health side effects of what ever miracle cleaners are in this product.

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