roof stain removal

sunroomguyMay 14, 2008

the dimensional asphalt shingles on the north side of our home has unsightly dark stains. another adjacient area has a small amount of moss starting. there are no trees around. i've tried tsp, bleach and other solutions unsuccessfully. does anyone know a product that really works? thanx

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I don't remember details, hope someone else does on this, but I've heard strips of aluminum will deter moss from growing on your roof. Anyone ?

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We bought some 50 ft. rolls of metallic zinc a few years ago, but haven't had time to get up there and put it on. The rolls are about 2 1/2 inches wide. I understand the theory is that the zinc is supposed to be put in up near the roof peaks and rain water is supposed to spread some zinc down across the roof and deter moss from growing. We obviously don't know if the stuff really works; maybe we were just gullible when we bought it. After paying to have the roof pressure-washed, we were hoping for a less costly solution. It's zinc, though, rather than aluminum (unless aluminum also works, too).

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An Internet search of the problem suggests that you can take care of the problem by using sodium percarbonate (the main ingredient in OxyClean) to clean your roof;see the link at the bottom.

Here are other examples of this technique:

Roof Cleaner OX

See these articles for:
Why your roof stains,how to clean and using metal flashing strips to eliminate it
Flashings Solve the Problem

I have not tried any of these solutions,since my roof does not have this problem (thankfully.) But,if my roof does develop a staining or algae problem,I will use the techniques suggested in these articles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sodium percarbonate uses

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