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emaemesMay 13, 2008

Hi guys...

Can you recommend an excellent chrome cleaner ??

It's for a 3 tiered shelf that is in my bathroom...

I also have other chrome in the bathroom...Sink legs, etc.

The shelf legs are quite rusted and I haven't really cleaned the chrome in forever...and now I suddenly can't stand it...

I'd like to go from one extreme to the other...Sparkling...

I hope you have my answer...

Thanks, Emaemes

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Gel-Gloss. It's available at HD and some supermarkets. I don't know if it works on rust (wouldn't that be corrosion of the chrome?), but it works great to get it shiny, remove hard water spots and keep it shiny. Also not harmful to delicate counters like marble, an added bonus.

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look for a product called "never dull", you can find it in an auto parts store, I use it to polish the chrome on my motorcycle.

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I have used Wipease Silver, Chrome & Copper. Works great on all chrome and stainless steel. Very easy to use but I know it won't get rid of the corrosion - tried it. But will get rid of water marks, and will brighten up the metals.

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