Some kind of critter droppings - Repeat Offender -Warning! Gross

jinnufrMay 24, 2008

This is so weird. And curious. (sorry it's gross)

We have a second story deck. The only access to it is through the room it's off of. (no outside access/stairs)

The storm door is broken and doesn't close all the way. We don't go out there much since I have little guys and keep it locked for now.

Anyway - found mounds of critter droppings on the metal door frame where something had to have backed up and left a deposit there purposefully, and repeatedly. Looked like a cow had been there actually.(or someone who was sick and couldn't wait for the bathroom just opened the door and stuck their butt half-way out! lol Thankfully we have no one here who would do that!) lol Must've been swollen from the rain. (ewww. I know)

Anyway. DH cleaned it all. We sprayed the area down with vinegar and lysol. Closed the door as closely as possible, but there's still about a 8 inch opening or so.

Checked a few days later - it's back. I have no idea what is doing this. It must be climbing the tree right by the deck and using the door frame as facilities.

My question is: How can I stop it from coming back. Even once the door gets fixed.

Also, curious what the heck it could be! lol Maybe a coon or opossum? Are there critters who have 'litter box' habits? Or privacy issues? Why would they come find *that* spot in the first place?

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It sounds like there is a location somewhere above that spot that some animal likes to sit, whether a tree limb or possibly the roof line, and it just happens to be above your deck. They are not aiming the droppings at any particular spot.

There are places on the internet that can help you identify animal droppings, for example, this page on opossums.

You could trim the tree branch where the animal sits.

Here is a link that might be useful: opossum droppings

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That's a good point. I'll bet theres something up in the gutter/roofline then. There aren't any trees above that spot, but I'll bet you're right, it's just in the line of fire there.
Glad I wasn't standing there then! lol

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