my washing machine is filthy

buyorsell888May 2, 2008

My husband gets really greasy and dirty at work and his company stopped laundry service for his uniforms. After a year of having to wash his work clothes the inside of my washing machine is filthy. There is a greasy ring around the top of the tub and on the agitator. I don't know how to clean it? I'm not a good cleaner. Should I just try to wash it off with Dawn?

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Try running a hot, empyt washload with a couple cups of white vinegar and some laundry soap. Also you might try using something simple like fantastic and a rag around the washer tub if dirt is above the fill line. This sounds like a pretty easy fix.

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I find that fabric softener creates a ring around the washer tub and dirty splotches on the inside of the washing machine lid. Dampen a rag well with straight vinegar and rub it off. If it is the fabric softener holding the grime there, it will come right off.

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If you know anyone with a steamer, it really does the job! I do mine about every six months and it gets it sparkling. My husband has a dirty job also and it just gets disgusting.

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Sheilajoyce, that fabric softener info. helped me too. DD's and I were washing at a relatives house and had to clean the machine first. "Something" was caked around the top and lid. We scraped then scrubbed it off. None of us had ever seen a dirty washer and couldn't figure out what it could be. None of us ever use liquid softener, either.

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Maybe the instructions at the linked website will help:

Here is a link that might be useful: How To Clean The Washer

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I used Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and it cuts the greasy grime off in one swipe. Cheap and quick.

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I tried everything! Even goo gone would not remove the grime. However, when I tried soft scrub with bleach, presto! It came off easily!

Here is a link that might be useful: Karen Steward

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I use something called "Washer Magic." Your machine is dirty on the outside of the tub (where you cannot see) as well, so just cleaning the inside is only half the job. It's hard to say if Washer Magic does a good job or not, but it is formulated for washing machines.

If you have something really bad, greasy, etc., it would be wise to pre-wash it in a bucket or sink to get the worst off to protect your washer. We all wash our better clothes in the washer as well, and we want to protect them from the gunk of work clothes.

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