Cleaning real wood and faux wood blinds

pauline13May 27, 2009

Every window in our tri-level modern style house has either real wood or faux wood 2" slatted blinds held together with 4 thin lines (not tape). This is a lot of blinds. To make matters worse, we live in the country on a sugar sand hill. The house gets very dusty in a very short period of time.

What is the best and fastest way to keep these blinds clean on a regular basis? Running a rag over them one slat at a time would be a full time job and they don't get very clean by the strings.

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There is no easy solution. You can try to keep as much of the sand as possible from entering your house (e.g., mats at all entryways), and try to pick up as much as you can with filtration systems, but the stuff is still going to be there.

For cleaning dust around windows, I prefer using a vacuum cleaner and the round brush attachment. The ideal solution would be a whole house vacuum sytem. With a whole house system, you move from room to room with the hose and wand, switching between the floor attachment and the round brush for the blinds and window sills. You can do the same with a canister vacuum.

One thing that will make the work go faster is not placing furniture in front of the windows. If you have to move anything so that you can get to the window to clean it, you have added significantly to the time you spend cleaning.

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I close mine, vacum, then open and wipe off each slat with a damp microfibre cloth. In between deep cleaning I use a wand that has a faux fur cover.

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I agree with brutuses. I bought an over-the-shoulder vacuum primarily for use in cleaning all of the plantation shutters in my house.

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