External water but interior like Liebherr?

yeboApril 13, 2012

I love the organization of the Liebherr refrigerators (drawers, especially), but external water (not ice) would really be good for my quality of life. (The Liebherr internal ice makers don't do anything for me.)

Any recommendations very welcome.

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My wife and I are staring a kitchen remodel and we are going to put in an under sink filter system since we actually don't like the indoor options. We are looking at the 24" Liebherr fridge/freezer only options (Forget the model number now).

Would something like that work for you, the under sink mount?

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This isn't what you asked, but I struggled with wanting a fridge with water also. I didn't want the visual messiness of external water, and internal disposers seem awkward to use as you stand there with the fridge door open.

I put a $50 in-line filter (replacement filters are about $20) on my cold water line at my cleanup sink. The water tastes great! Very low-tech, cheap, and easy. No extra faucet. The water is cold, but not chilled. The few times I want chilled water, I throw a few ice cubes in the glass.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the alternatives.
My KD recommended an undersink filter, costs about $400. Are there many differences in how the in-line filters work (other than the price :)?. And breezygirl, can you recommend a brand or are they all basically the same? (BTW, I'm really enjoying reading your simmer fixin saga -- much more than living it, I'm sure).

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LOL on my simmer journey! I've left that thread alone for a time because all I'm doing is waiting for a local service guy AND I'm sick about how the name calling and bashing seeped it's way into yet another thread.

$400!? I bought the brand HD carried--GE. $50 for the starter kit and one filter. Replacement filter is about $25 every six months or so. Works fabulous for me, but all I'm trying to do is improve the taste, not filter out anything nasty. I live in a city prized for its famous artisan well water (beer used to be made here under that claim to fame), but the water on my side of town tastes awful.

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"Undersink filter" for $400 sounds like a high pressure Reverse Osmosis system not simply an external refrigerator type filter.

The RO system removes sediment in addition to various chemicals the external filters usually remove cholrine.

What you need depends on the quality of water you get at your home.

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I debated on the water dispenser for a while in the fridge. Ultimately went with a filtered water with a chiller at our second sink. Works great - nice cold clean water for drinking. And keeps traffic away from the fridge. I bought the chiller on ebay (waste king and others rebadge it) at much better price than i had seen otherwise.

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In my research on RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems I like the concept and the idea, but my big hold up on getting one for our kitchen remodel is that they waste a ton of water to remove the bad stuff. I have read that they only return between 5-15% of the water you put in to them. They dump the other 85-95% of the water you put in down the drain with all the "bad" stuff in that "waste" water. I get why they have to do it, just seems very inefficient to me.

I would agree with Deeageaux though that for that price it sounds like an RO system and not a simple inline filter.

Good luck!

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