Fellow Dyson Animal owners.... I have a question..

SheeshareeIIMay 23, 2008

someone recommended i post this here...

I have a dyson animal and love the job it does on my floors.

have a question about emptying... i know how to open the bottom. push the red button and the bottom opens. Cat hair gets stuck in the little holes around the top cylinder thing. There's a gray button you push down and it appears that you're suppose to be able and pull it apart in order to get to the insides. I've done this several times now to clean it but it's REALLY hard to pull apart. Am i missing something?? Extra special button or is my vacuum defective? When i opened it the other day a little square spring piece popped off the other side (where it comes apart) you can pop it back on but..... just doesn't seem like a $500 machine should do this.

i've only had it a couple of months and it was a gift. have no idea if they have the receipt still

this is the little square thing that popped off. it's on the other side.

i'm going out to sears tonight to ask them..maybe i'm doing something wrong.

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I have the yellow one, but I believe you have to have the bottom opened as if you were emptying in order to open the other part. It will not open with the bottom closed.

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thanks clt. someone in the decorating forum said that as well. i'm going to try it tonight!

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yep. the bottom needs to be open first! Came right apart. Thanks!

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