Stonexpert: grout cleaning ?

krissie55May 18, 2011

Will the dishwasher detergents you mentioned clean grout as good these days since they no longer contain phosphates?

The Electrosol Quantum Finish PowerBall detergent is now known as Quantum Finish PowerBall. At least that is as close as I could find. Mgr. at store said Electrosol had not been seen in the last few years. Is this the same thing?

Thanks. I have a lot of grout facing me to clean!


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Thought I would let you know my experience using the Quantum Finish PowerBall dishwasher detergent to clean grout in the kitchen.

I was not sure how much detergent to use in 4 cups hot water, ended up using too much and the floor was slick as glass requiring more rinsing than I think it should have.

Steps I did:

1. Vacumn floor.
2. Poured very warm/hot water over floor.
3. Let water soak in a few minutes.
4. Mopped water up.
5. Poured hot detergent water on floor.
6. Let soak for one hour.
7. Used stiff grout cleaning brush on long handle to scrub.
8. Did about a 4'x4' area at a time mopping up dirty water
after scrubbing.
9. Repeat on another section.
10.Mop/rinse floor several times to remove detergent/dirty
11.Rinse with strong vinegar water.

The grout was very dirty and I may need to do this a second time to get all grout clean. However, the grout looks great and much cleaner than before.

This is the easy way to clean grout even if it takes another go at it.

Thanks Stonexpert for letting us know about dishwasher detergent.

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Nice post. Yes, dishwasher detergent is concentrated and a good degreaser (alkaline ph) to clean tile grout. The best dishwasher detergents to use are the granular capsules which you cut open and empty into a small container. Make sure to saturate the grout with hot water first then apply the detergent with a firm toothbrush scrubbing along the grout. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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A grout cleaning brush may be purchased from a janitor supply place. Ask for the "Unger" brand "grout line brush", it is light grey color. Bristles will be beveled. About $15.00.

Also purchase a long handle to fit the grout line brush at the janitor supply. About $6.00. This saves your back and knees big time.

The bristles of this brush are very, very stiff and cleans great without damaging grout or tiles.

The Unger grout line brush with long handle takes loads of work off of you. Wish I had it when I cleaned the two bathrooms upstairs, was on hands & knees. Bought one and have started cleaning downstairs tiles in several rooms.

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