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dvarnellApril 29, 2012

My bathroom floor will be a bianco carrera marble and my shower walls will be a white crackle subway tile with a thassos/ming green accent tile. Trying to decide what to do for shower floor. Should I do a thassos/ming green mosaic or should I coordinate with bathroom floor and do a bianco carrera mosaic? I'll have a Carrara bench in shower plus Carrara on my counters and am pulling the Ming green in by using a grayish green wall color. Thoughts?

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Crackle tile is not suited to a wet environment. Water and mold spores get behind the glaze and into the body of the tile. I personally wouldn't use marble in a wet environment either, as it's porous and difficult to keep sealed and cleaned. But, some people are up for that much maintainence.

I'd look at a porcelain look alike for the shower and maybe use the same tile in a 2x2 or smaller for the shower floor.

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That's absolutely the first I have heard that about the crackle tile - and I've discussed with 2 tile places, my interior designers who spec'd it, and my contractor. I was told that I'd need to seal it. I don't to do all marble in the shower because it's so porous and I'm not a fan of the marble-look porcelain. Has anyone else heard this about crackle subway tiles? If so, I'd like to know bc I'm getting ready to finalize and order this week.

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The Walker Zanger crackle tiles we bought came with an express warning not to use in showers and other wet applications. My contractor said it would be no problem if we sealed them, but I took the word of the tile company.

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By the way, there are a few threads on this. Here's one of them.

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If you are doing a curbless shower, it is nice to continue the bathroom floor into the shower. I like the look of matching shower and bathroom floors even in a curbed shower.

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Avanti Tile & Stone (Stonetech)

"Honed" is the way to go. Forget "crackled."

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Yikes, starting to get worried. I'm going to call the tile co directly. I think "honed" is only a finish choice for granite or marble, not for ceramic. I want to do white so I guess my only other option is either to revert to the Bianca Carrara marble for the shower as well or to do with a more standard subway tile, but that seems less upscale to me.

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I hope mongo sees and responds to this. He very recently suggested crackle tile on the ' I have layouts....' post. We have just finished our new bath . The shower is subway crackle tile with glass accent. It is sealed and I am using a micro cloth for wipe downs after showering. Now I wonder if it, like granite, it needs periodic re- sealing. Mongo?

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Crackle tile isn't going to implode on you or start a fire or crumble into dust or kick your dog if you have it in a wet environment. The Japanese have been glazing their tea bowls like this for centuries, and last time I checked, tea is wet. Sealing it is good, but at worst, expect the cracks to darken over time.

Google "raku pottery" if you're curious.

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