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vetwife1998May 25, 2013

I need recommendations, please.

I've had a couple sets of cleaning cloths from "The Clean Team" that I've used and loved for the past 10 years. Well, they are getting worn out and need replacing (and husband has used many for non-house-cleaning purposes -- painting, gun cleaning, etc).

Wondering if you have found some that you like? Please, no microfiber recommendations, as I can't stand to use/touch them because of the texture (weird, I know), even though I know those types work well.

Thanks in advance!

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VW, it's not weird at all, I don't like the feel of them either. They have a tacky feel to them and it takes two hands to unfold them. I buy flannel sheets at garage sales for dusting and I bought old towels for my husband to use in the garage.

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Me too - about the microfiber cloths. Some feel ok to me, but many feel like they catch my skin in a weird way.

Lately, I've bought a bunch of all cotton prefolded diapers to use as cleaning cloths. I've been very happy with this solution. They're soft, comfortable to use, the right size and absorbent. I bought them at

Here is a link that might be useful: Online cotton diaper source

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Microfiber is strange. Husband hates them. Especially after finding one at work stuck inside his shirt, lol. An ugly orange one.
I use the 60 pack of white cotton car cloths from Costco. They start off, 10 at a time, in the kitchen for counters, then move down the ladder to floors when a bit stained and ugly. Just recently tinted a big batch with a little RITdye in a bucket of hot DH does not grab a fresh one for a floor spill. We don't use paper towels that often (pet puke and big nasties)
Ratty ones end up in the garage. One pack lasts well over a year, almost 2. Washed often and still look good. Nice and nubby.

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I like the bags of rags sold in the Goodwill stores.

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VetWife - I used to use the Clean Team ones, too. I've converted to microfiber myself but still keep the white cotton ones on hand for several jobs.

One other place to look is for a local restaurant supply house. They're basically white 16'' x 16'' napkins and frequently can be bought in bulk for a reasonable price. The last time I bought some (years ago), the restaurant supply store also had some used linen napkins which were just stained enough to not be good for restaurant use but were fine for cleaning. They were sold clean (i.e. they had been washed and run through an autoclave) and worked just fine for cleaning the house.

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I bought some of the micro fiber dish clothes. I liked them because they dry quickly but as I said above, takes two hands to unfold them. I lay them across the cross piece on the sink folded, if I put one in the laundry without unfolding it that is the way if comes out of the dryer with food and stuff still trapped in it. Yuck.

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I go to the dollar store and buy the 18-20 count packs of super cheap washcloths. They work great for cleaning, and if they get too bad I just throw them away.

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Tblondie, I use my old wash cloths for cleaning, just bought a 10 pak of wash cloths for dish rags at Big Lots. They are thin and cleans dishes well. AND I am taking these darn micro fiber junk to Bethesda Gently Used Store.

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Vetwife, is there a reason you aren't just replacing your Clean Team cloths if you've used them that long?

I use old wash cloths, cut up bath towels that are getting thin/worn, and have bought the cheapo packages of both hand towels and wash cloths at Costco to use for house cleaning.

And I don't like the micro fiber either. I don't even like the feel of fleece and don't wear it other than a vest occasionally, nothing against my skin. I see where people rave about the fleece sheets and it just gives me the crawlies to think about sliding in between those...

Here is a link that might be useful: Clean Team cloths

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Thanks for all the responses!

I do sometimes use old baby/kid washcloths for cleaning the bathrooms. I should have kept the white cloth diapers I used as burp cloths; sadly, I sold them in a consignment, in a fit of trying to get rid of things several years ago.

I like the idea of restaurant napkins, and will look into that.

Thanks for the Costco tip; I don't have a membership, but have a friend who does, so that's a possibility.

I haven't replaced the Clean Team cloths for no reason in particular, and may still do that.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who dislikes microfiber.

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