Whoot Whoot About DGD

phonegirlApril 14, 2014

Forgot to tell all of you what happened last week w/DGD.
She had participated in a talent show doing her gymnastics.
Her mother had ask if she should postpone her schooling
in case she was picked to move on. I said "with 337 participants
what would be the odds of her being picked." She's only in
second grade. Go ahead and head to school.

Well she was one of the of top 12 chosen. She had another
show with the public and school last Thursday.
It was so fun to watch and hear all the cheering as she
performed cart wheels, front and back flips, round offs,
front and back rolls and splits.

I felt so bad that her parents couldn't be there to watch
the performance again. She is pretty shy so hopefully
this will help her in the future.

Not sure if I told you but last year she was chosen to
travel to classes for the beginning training for the Olympics.
DD couldn't figure out how to make
that happen w/o moving. We decided if it was suppose
to happen, it will come up again in her future.

Thanks for sharing this Special moment with me. Punk

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Punk, how exciting! Guess you are one Proud GrandMother and she has proud parents too! Wow, What an accomplishment! Tell her congratulations!

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That's a special accomplishment. I know you must be so proud of her.

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Punk ...how exciting! It must have been such a thrill for you
to watch her and a proud moment too.
Your right this should help her shyness.
Too bad you couldn't take a video...although some schools don't want any
Videos while kids are performing.
Congratulations to her....

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and she's only in 2nd GRADE??? Holy Purple Cow, this little gal sounds pretty amazing (and serious) about gymnastics. How exciting for all of you. You must be bursting with pride! :o)

Congratulations to her, and you and her parents!
hugs, Karen

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What wonderful news! Congratulations to her! Sounds like she has a head start on something she loves. The added bonus is your getting to witness her achievements. Thank you for sharing your news. Marylee

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How wonderful Great news!
you must be bustin your buttons with pride

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Wow, punk! Whoot Whoot is right!!! Congrats to your DGD, her parents & of course, her gr'parents!!! Glad you could be there to watch her with the final 12 ...that's awesome! Give her a big hug from your 'Holiday-er' friends ~~ Jeanne S.

(Oh, I guess there are probably some gymnastic teachers who need some credit, too.)

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That's amazing!!! Congratulations.

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Thank you sooo much everyone for sharing this exciting
time with us. Your comments are all so fun to read. She
is so fun and our only GD.(so far) Her teacher is so sweet
and amazing to watch! Everyone is always welcome to go
to her classes and watch her with the students.

Thanks again for all your comments. Punk

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Marlene Kindred

Wow! This IS exciting news! Congratulations to your DGD! What an awesome achievement. Thanks for letting us know about it too.

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Thanks Marlene. I'm so excited to take her to the Easter
egg hunt in the park on Sat. We are going to take her
shopping for a new pair of roller blades for Easter. I'm
thinking we will also buy some knee and elbow pads so
she can continue to do her gymnastics w/o issues!LOL

She was going to spend a couple of nights with us this
week but she is just so attached to her DM. I'm thinking
we'll get her Friday night so we can go shopping after
the egg hunt on Sat.


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Congratulations! And with her being so young and already winning competitions, I will bet she will be an Olympic star some day! No kidding on that!

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Blizlady, thank you so much for your comments. I hope
your right! Her and one of her friends spent the day with
us today. They are so amazing and also fun to watch.
Makes me hurt seeing all the effort they put into it!LOL I
can say if I was a few years younger I would so be trying
it all with them.

Thanks again, Punk

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