Bosch dishwasher with dirty water under the filter (searched)

m448April 22, 2013

Yes I've searched the forums but I've had trouble coming up with an answer.

1. I just had a bosch she68r55uc installed on Friday. Ran the dishwasher with the recommended detergent and rinse aid on a couple of cycles after trying my usual detergent and no rinse aid. I noticed that the top rack items have a black sort of incinerated grit which I imagine is the residue left after the enzymes process the grime off the dishes. I cleaned out the top spray arm and it was unobstructed. I checked the filter and other than a thin layer of grease from last night's meal was pretty free of debris. However the water left under the filter is not clear like I've seen in some pics online. It's pretty dirty and I'm thinking that's not okay. The water level is fine, what is not is the clarity of the water remaining.

2. In the bottom of the stainless tub, closest to the bottom edge of the door the tub lining is sort of crimpled. Like where the seal ends it's an impression similar to the texture of the seal. But a little bit closer to the door it looks slightly crimped as well. Is that normal?

3. The door is pretty hard to open but I'm guessing that may be normal? Also, the bottom rack is a little stiff to pull out. Is that normal as well?

This dw replaced a 13 year old GE hotpoint that was installed in this home when they built it. I'm guessing it lasted that long because we installed a water softener as soon as we moved in and we were former obsessive dish rinsers LOL.

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Just wanted to add that the final choice of dishwashers was between this model and the miele g4205 and of course as usual for the hyper researcher I'm having second thoughts but would love to like this dishwasher that's already installed if it's just a grass is greener effect.

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I can understand your frustration, as I used to have problems with Bosh dishwasher too!

A lightly used, high end, Bosch dishwasher (model SHX43) motor/pump failed after two years and the cost of repair is $500 plus labor, roughly equivalent to buying a new one. (only two people in household; dishwasher used about every other day)

Bosch does not stand behind their products (they are not getting back to our written request for assistance; they dismissed our phone contact for help. I do not recommend buying a Bosch product.

The service repairman reports that Bosch are not dependable after the first year - he sees this frequently and said he is sorry and wishes us good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: more complaints

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"A lightly used, high end, Bosch dishwasher (model SHX43) motor/pump failed after two years and the cost of repair is $500 plus labor, roughly equivalent to buying a new one. "

$500 is not enough for a "high end, Bosch dishwasher."

The cheapest I see is over $700.

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^^^ also, the shx43 IS NOT high end no matter what it cost, but you're right $500-$700 is not a high end price. Sorry Tasha.

I don't disagree with you about their customer service though. Their dishwashers are a pretty good value considering they are made in the USA, have a wide distribution and service network, and are for the most part pretty reliable. Every brand (even the vaunted Miele) has lemons roll off the assembly line or parts that fail early - always right after the warranty period has expired !!!

The smart money will chase the brands or appliance that give the best CHANCE for a quality product off the line and long term. But, that strategy doesn't GUARANTEE that YOU will not have a problem with the unit that shows up at your doorstep or that you won't run afoul of an employee with one foot out the door that will sink your CS experience if you do encounter a problem.

M448 - curious why your research lead you to the Bosch as the best choice?

Better post a picture of your door. SOunds like you may have a less than new unit. Door may / may not be "easy" to open, depends on the panel and how the installer adjusted it. The rack should not bind under any circumstance.

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Check under your sink for the high drain loop. If the D/W isn't cleaning this is the most likely issue.

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$500 plus labor,

Note the + labor

so with the normal service call charge, + the labor to install the pump, that easily could have got close to the cost of a new one, (As the Op points out).

Myself, that turkey would be in the local dump and replaced with a Miele or Kitchenaid,


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To the OP, it could be lacking a high loop in the drain line or it could be crud in the water input line. Since this is a new machine get a service call.

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Apparently not everyone is paying attention to the original post.

It was installed 3 days ago.

There is no labor or cost for replacing any part.

As Weissman and I pointed out it is most likely an installation error.

The Bosch d/w is an excellent product. We sell them and have very little issues with them. As I've posted before, I highly recommend them to my customers and I own one myself.

Regarding your door issue.. I've seen where installers put the unit in too tight against the counter causing the lock to bind.

The "crimple" is generally due to the stamping process of the tub but that said, it doesn't rule out that there may be damage possibly from rough handling during the deliver/install.

A Weissman stated. call Bosch and have a service call set up. Ask the servicer to check the installation when they get to your home. High loop, drain blockage, Plug/port not clear at disposer, the legs adjusted too high, etc..

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We are paying attention jakvis - o.p. didn't state she needed any parts - yet.

That was from a late arrival to the party, who's unit is out of warranty.

How about m448's wonky bottom rack ?

Hey Gary , I forgot you had to pay those pesky service guys that want to sell TashaW a 500 dollar pump that costs anyone willing to call up BSH parts and order one $30 - $185 retail :^)

Would you really consider a KA dishwasher today with their recent safety issues and general corp. attitude ?

Before y'all start with the zingers , better get your stories straight.

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Well, at least You guys let TashaW know She is getting "ripped off". I should have typed her name, instead of typing "OP", my "BAD",

I've had 3 KA DW,s and all were great, Now I do like my Miele Optima, but had KA had that silverware tray back in 2006, when I bought the Miele, KA would certainly have been in the running back then.

I'm not gonna bother to look it up now, but I do recall posts about Tdors, fridge doors recalled due to doors crashing down, and more than likely I could find some "Bosch fires too", so "Unfortunetly" as has been posted numerous times, Most of the "Big Players" have produced at least one Citrus Fruit!

For Me, Their are two choices for dishwashers, Miele, and Kitchenaid, I just don't want to take the chance on buying a "Real Stinker", and there are plenty of post by folks that did!


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Thank you all for the info. We purchased this through our local independent appliance dealer which has given us exceptional service in the past *knock on wood*. I have a service call set up for Wednesday but today I went snooping around Lowe's to see the inner tub area on other SS bosch DWs. They all had that crimp too and it seems solid when I press on mine but I'll have the guy double check.

Despite people saying it's a waste I typically pay for extended service contracts since we have 4 kids and want our appliances to be serviceable until they're well into old age.

What led me to this dishwasher was the better rack (the bottom just doesn't roll out like a shot like our old GE but it does pull out straight), the sensor wash/sani rinse, the improved cleaning (other than those few items this DW tackles grime like crazy), the adjustable top rack and as an afterthought the quiet volume.

I do have the high loop under the cabinet and it was that way for the previous dishwasher. This was a floor model but it had only been on the floor for a month so it could just be a manufacturing defect. Thankfully my service contract is handled in house via the appliance place which contracts with very reputable companies from my own experience. I also own a bosch washing machine that has been doing 2-3 large loads for the past five years straight (diapers, clothes, kitchen cloth) and have not had any issues so we felt we could trust the brand to consider a model after research. Like I said I narrowed it down to the two bottom rung Mieles and 3 Bosch models.

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I hope you get your dishwasher problem resolved. There are always people who have had negative experiences with whatever brand of appliance and they definitely tell you or at least imply that you chose the wrong dishwasher or what ever appliance.
I just wanted to say that over the past 39 years I have had Kitchen Aid, Whirlpool and Bosch dishwashers in my homes. Never had a service call on the Bosch one but did on the other two brands. In my current home my Bosch dishwasher was 10 years old and running just fine when I remodeled my kitchen recently so I gave it to a friend . My friend loves how well the dishwasher cleans and how quiet it is. I did not hesitate to get another Bosch for my new kitchen. I have had no issues with grit or residue.
My only suggestion to you is to make sure that your hot water heater does not have a build up of sorts in it. A few years ago after remodeling our bathroom, we started getting black, gritty deposits in our bathtub when we filled it up. We did not notice the grit anywhere else. The plumber diagnosed the hot water heater as the problem. Replaced it and all was well.
Good Luck.

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Hi Xedos, you're right, you were also trying to help.

Gary, regarding the recall for Ref doors falling off that was Viking, not Thermador. We did quite a few of the repairs.
The sticking lower rack could be from the dishwasher being squeezed. Since this was a floor model it should be checked out.

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TashaW wasn't the OP - that was m448 . All is forgiven though.

wink !

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