toto toilets and sanagloss

sprtphntcApril 14, 2012

hello everyone,

in the process of buying a toilet and was wondering if the sanagloss is really worth it. i have read many reviews and while most are favorable, there were some that were not impressed with the sanagloss. they said there was "sticking" remnants and they felt the sanagloss did not keep it any cleaner than any other toilet.

so your thoughts??? if you could state how long you have had it, that would be great.

another question, read that the seat is flimsy plastic and moves on the toilet?? true or false

is the tank cover slanted that you cannot put anything on it??

how do feel about the velcro holding the tank cover on? that sounds weird to me and why have it at all? can't you just sit it on there like all the others??

i am considering model #ms854114sg-01. saw it on

i am liking the "gmax" system the best and if anyone has that flush system, let me know what you think.

i know this is alot if info to ask, but any help would be appreciated.


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We have three Toto Soirees, all with sanagloss. It doesn't prevent all remains from sticking, but definitely does a good job keeping most from sticking. Cleaning the bowl and keeping it looking clean is very easy, so if it helps with this, I'm happy.

Seats are plastic. There is some movement, but not a lot. It's more noticeable on our MB toilet, but only because of room size/spacing. The spacing between toilet and tub in that room is a bit close, so one tends to sit at a bit of an angle rather than straight on, which could cause the seat to shift more to one side. The seats are not flimsy, and we are spoiled with the soft-close seat and lid. We tend to forget that other toilets are NOT equipped with soft-close seats/lids, and "bam" they go when we are closing them!

I believe some of the other models we'd looked at do have a more slated cover than the Soiree's, but don't know if they are too slanted to allow placing things upon them. Soiree tank cover is nice and flat. I will place items there temporarily (e.g. eye glasses while showering, a small vase of flowers when we have guests), but don't normally keep things there. Our sales-guy made me promise not to keep a tissue holder/box on the toilet tank lid!

Velcro is fine for the tank lid, doesn't bother us. I guess it's part of the design (to have the lid resting on top rather than wrapping down over the tank).

We had considered the Ultramax, but don't recall why we switched to the Soiree. We wanted comfort height, elongated bowl, sanagloss, cotton white. I know the Soiree has the double cyclone flush; supposedly has a good bowl rinse, but really couldn't tell you the difference between that and GMax flush.

Having just spent 5 nights at my parents' house with their early-generation Eljer low-flow toilet(with its minuscule trapway opening), and the ever-present threat of clogs and overflows while using it, we were extremely happy to get back home to our reliable Toto's!

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Sorry to deviate from the main question, but Cat mom can you tell me if the Soiree toilet height works for younger kids? Our youngest is 6, and I wondered if the higher ADA toilet might be difficult for her to manage.

Also, is your Soiree the 1.28 Eco one?



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We recently installed a Toto Drake (1.6gpf) and have no issues keeping it clean without the Sanagloss. The seat feels fine on ours for now but it is plastic.

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Toto has more than one seat model.

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Lynne Reno

I like Sanagloss, it doesn't keep waste from sticking to the bowl but it makes it super easy to clean. We also have toto vanity sinks with sanagloss and those are also very easy to clean

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On ADA height for littles... My 3.5" year old uses it fine. My six yr old has no problems whatsoever.

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We have had an Ultramax, elongated with Sanagloss for 5 years. Easy to keep clean. The Velcro for the tank lid did seem strange but has never been a problem. 1.6 GPF. Soft close seat is a bit "spongy" however comfortable.

We installed an Ultramax II in our master a week ago with same features. It is comfort height and nice for an adult-can't comment regarding children. The tank lid "fits" and sets level and is 1.28 GPF.

We still believe Toto offers the most reliable flush of the low GPF models

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thanks everyone for your of now, i think i am going to go with ms854114eg-01..
i really wanted a round front, but there is no model with the sanagloss and i really like that idea and hope i am pleased with it.

only wanted round front b/c its smaller overall.

if there are any other comments, please keep them coming. i haven't ordered yet, but plan to soon.

thanks again!!!

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I posted a question about Eco Promenade Toto Toilet. There is a plain Promenade Toto as well. They have a round version and a ADA height. That is why I am wondering about this model. I have read some poor reviews, from 5 years ago I believe, but since have heard that they are now modeled with the same Gmax that the other toilets have. I have not much info about these models but one poster here, Mudhouse I think, likes them. She has a small bathroom too. I had posted her individually before I made my general post her on this forum.

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We have owned two Toto Ultramax 1.6GPF with Sana Gloss for over 10 years. Toto was not widely known when we purchased them, but we're glad we did. We recommend them to everyone who asks about toilets. I'm moving to a new home, and we are installing Toto Ultramax with Sana Gloss again.

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We just had three new Toto Ultramax toilets installed in our home, all with Sanagloss. Maybe my expectation was too high, but, having had three toilets that were original to our 35 year old home that NEVER required swabbing because of "sticking remnants," I must say that I'm disappointed to find that the Sanagloss hype is, well, just hype. For the first time ever, I'm compelled to keep toilet caddies in each bathroom.

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Well, my Promenade has been great. I have had in place for a month. It flushes well. It is the 1.6gl model. It has sanagloss. Other than the wiping of the rim and the outside, I have not had to clean it yet :) I think it is great. I do have a cleaner brush at the ready and I may just clean it to say I've done it.

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