Would you buy a product like this?

lucky51May 21, 2008


We are debating whether to carry this product at the store and was looking for feedback if anyone thought I would be worthwhile product. Your thoughts/comments would be greatly appreciated.

Price range is around $1,495-$1,695. Expensive but cheaper than the Rainbow AND it can wash carpets, floors, furniture, windows, glass etc.

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I looked at the site but to me it did not really explain HOW the system worked. Is is like the Rainbow and works with a water filtration system?
I do think something that does many things is always a good idea for people that have limited space in their homes.

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It is a water AND foam filter vacuum as well as a wet carpet cleaner/extractor.

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I wouldn't buy it for the simple reason you cannot see the water. The reason I love my Rainbow's soo much is because you get to see that wonderful water washing action.

I saw it first when I was about 12 years old and have been facinated with the concept ever since. Guess I was raised a Rainbow man!


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