beaded prom dress

SylviaMay 18, 2004

Dd bought herself a beautiful 100% polyester hand beaded dress for prom and looked gorgeous in it on Saturday. Now it has a little b.o. and some wrinkles from wearing; she wants to wear it for a singing solo on Friday and I was going to take it to the cleaners but the label says "do not dry clean, hand spot with cold water".

So what do I do? It doesn't have spots. I can steam out the wrinkles but what about the b.o.? Any ideas?

Think I could just give it a cold water soak, rub around the armholes a bit, rinse drip dry and then steam?

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I think I would just pat on a bit of baking soda where the odor is...let it set overnight and then gently brush it off. The wrinkles should come out with a gentle steaming. If you could hang it in semi/sunshine for a few hours, it would take the odor out, too...HOWEVER, you have to watch out for the birdie decorating committee!!!:o)

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thank you Jaybird! I will try that.

(you should come by and see that stray cat and how well she has adapted - sleek and happy, still a little skittish of strangers though)

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Linda C

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Well, I ended up using both of your suggestions. Did the baking soda and set it in the closet for a few days, brushed it off this morning and hung it outside (under the roof eave to protect from grackles), sprayed with febreeze. It seems pretty "clean" now.

I did some spot cleaning on the front bottom of the dress and now I really don't see why I couldn't water/soap soak it. It didn't water spot at all.

Will go buy dress shields before she wears it again. Thanks for your help.

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Sylvia - I'll be thinking of you and DD tomorrow night! Don't forget to bring a tissue:)

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Thanks woodie. She sang "Nearness of You" and yeah, she made me cry. Got a huge round of applause. The teacher choreographed the piece so she was center stage, gave her a dummy mike to work with, long white gloves (very elegant), and in the spotlight with dim lights on the rest of the stage which was set like a nightclub with some tables and chairs. About a verse into the song the other choir members (clubgoers) started asking each other to dance, soon she had a dance floor of romantic couples behind her. It was lovely.

Now I need to clean the dress *again*. LOL

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Yaayyyyy for your daughter....I thought about her the 21st!! Aren't you always sooooooooooo proud to say "Hey, that's MY kid"!!! Blessings to you both!

PS: I would have teared up too!

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polyester can be washed in water without ill effect. Acetate can't, and rayon usually can't.

My DD had a cute beaded dress of 100% polyester w/ a "dry clean only" label. But the dry cleaner warned that the plastic BEADS might dissolve in the dry-cleaning solution.

So I washed it on gentle, putting it in a net bag and turning it inside out first. I air-dried it.

It was perfectly fine.

Polyester is pretty tough. I would think it's the beading that's most at risk, and gentle handling would be the ticket there.

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Or the thread holding the beading--if it is cotton, the thread could shrink.

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would the cotton thread shrink in cold-water wash, line dry?

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Congratulations on your DD's performance.

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