Remember our discussion about flamingos?

oldalgebraApril 24, 2010

When I was out walking this morning, I came across this not far from my house. I thought it was so cute.

Beats the heck out of T.P.-ing someone's house.

While I was taking the picture with my mobile phone, a car slowed down to check it out.

At the same time, a teenage girl came out of the house (still wearing her pajama bottoms and a t-shirt)

and (trying VERY HARD to act embarrassed) said, "Why is everyone loooooooking?"

You could tell she was so proud to have been given chosen.

Ahhhh, to be 15 again, just for a few days.

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That is funny! But what does it mean..flocked? I can't read the sign..

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I honestly don't know. The girl went into the house too fast for me to ask many questions. I suspect it means about the same as getting T.P.ed. It means you're being recognized as part of the In-Crowd.

This was done by our town's high school band. The girl said she had friends in the band. Then she ran back into the house.

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There are companies that do this "Flocking". I imagine the lettering on the sign is a silly saying. She's just 15, LOL. Executives here, in mansions, have woke up to find 50 or more (depending on their age) in their yards. I think its a hoot.
Wonder if 63 flamingos would fit in my little front yard?
Oh, the company comes and retrieves them later in the day.

hugs, Karen

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How fun that would have been to see! Would make you LOL for sure.

Last October, my next door neighbor came outside on her birthday and found a huge banner saying "Guess who's 50 today?" and a courtyard full of balloons everywhere. She said she thought it was all fun except for the fact that her age was announced on the banner!


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After reading Karen's post I looked up Flamingo Flocking.
Here's one link with additional links at the end.

Turn's out it was probably some sort of high school band fundraiser.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flamingo Flocking

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Amazing! I have never seen that here! I thought I saw flamingos in the dollar store..a lot cheaper than the sites on the net!
Did you see you could order turkeys, bunnies etc
Here they do wood signs when a new baby is born...cute ones, but expensive to rent.
I told my son if I knew he was going to have 4 kids I would have made it!

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OA, what a great site you came upon. I love it. I made DH come over and take a look so he got a good laugh too. I have never heard of such a thing but what a great idea someone came up with. Here in MT it may happen in the cities more than where I live too.


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