Smudged Dark Cherry Headboard

pauline13May 27, 2009

My husband is forever placing his forearm or the back of his head on our dark cherry headboard. Even though he doesn't use any hair products, the body oils have created a large dull smudge on his side of the headboard. How can I get this off and keep it clean (cooperation from hubby is not an option)? I bought some Murphy Oil Soap for furniture, but it only seemed to make a bigger smudge.

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OMG! If my husband was a travelling salesman I'd say we need to talk!! I have the exact same problem, cherry wood and all. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing has helped, a couple things have even made it worse. I think the finish is worn off and having the whole headboard redone is the only solution. Hopefully someone out there knows an easier way!

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Too funny! Hopefully, someone can solve our problem.

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My DH does the same thing, apparently during his sleep. We have had this dark pine set for 30 years, and the wood stain is GONE in a 4 inch circle on his side of the bed. It is blond, raw wood there, but the natural scalp oils keep it shiney as if it is still varnished. I think the acid in his body oils ate it away. Do some polishing now with Johnson's paste wax and keep replacing that spot to prevent what I have.

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