Stay away from Dysons IMO

gopackMay 5, 2008

I know poeple just love their Dyson vacs so I bought one about a year ago. I keep the beater brush cleaned so it keeps cleaning well.

Now it is making that loud ratcheting noise. We totally cleaned the brush and even cleaned under the belt. It is still making the noise and the beater bar is trying to turn but can't. The Help center was very nice and walked me thru steps to try to get it to work.

No luck so now I have to drive clear across Dallas to take it to an authorized dealer. My hunch in there is something caught in the clutch. It is ridiculous that this design can have this kind of a problem.

I would say stay away from them. The suction is good but really, the beater brush never fluffs my carpet very much like my older upright vacs did. So I was a little disappointed in that. Plus you have to constantly clean off the beater brush.

Overall I think the plastic is kind of cheap and if you are not careful, you could easily crack the canister. YOu also have to clean out the inside of the cyclone or it gets caked with dirty and dust.

I never had to clean out a vac before in my life and I never had to take one in to get serviced. For over $450, I feel the Dyson is way over priced and not worth the money.

Sorry if others disagree but that is how I feel about it. Just wanted to let others know some of the down sides of it.

Plus the fact the service centers are few and far between. What a hassle.

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I'm sorry that you haven't had a good experience. Even if they fix the beater bar problem, the machine is still going to be plastic and it still will be bagless.

It seems like you ought to be able to sell it on your local craigslist once it is fixed, and then get a machine that uses bags and isn't made of plastic. A Kirby might be what you want.

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I know Consumer Reports magazine rated Dysons pretty low.

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Dysons weaknesses are apparent if you look hard enough. Lack of air flow equals poor carpet cleaning ability. Flimsy plastic brush roll will have problems especially those with long hair or pets. My bet is that the brush roll is bad, not the clutch, probably one of the belts would need to be replaced as well.

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