Gas or induction ??

sue2012April 5, 2012

I was all set on a all gas range. Now I am thinking maybe inductiowoman be better. I would appreciate any input between the two. Please help.


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Here are a few past threads--

Here is a link that might be useful: gas vs induction

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Less filling or tastes great?

Potato or Potahto?

Eagles or Cowboys?

Kentucky or Louisville?

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Big vote for induction, for lots of reasons. Couldn't wait to be rid of gas.

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Here is more.

I was convinced I wanted induction but had some doubts, so I wanted to hear from gas-lovers (not the other way around).

Here is a link that might be useful: Gas vs. induction

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Again we just had several hour power outage - very glad we have a gas/propane range. We have had few 5-6 day outages this year also.

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We are putting in induction. We met with the electric company and now have minimal outages - but if no power, probably too hot or too cold in the house for comfort to deal with cooking and there is always a grill.
How many of you have a gas powered refrigerator....

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I can't tell you how many times we have been without electricity in this house over the last twenty years. We have a generator and keep it stoked so to say. Every summer, a weather cell comes through our area and inevitably pulls down the above ground wires. We survived the 2009 and 2010 winter snowmageddons with neighborhood meet cookouts on our gas cooktops, ranges and outdoor grills. We've been without electricity for as long as ten days (vacated) but more common is three. I'm sticking with gas but fully support inductiomom if that's what she wants to be! Here here.

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my vote: induction, have it - love it, would never go back!

read past threads, tons of info to help you decide.


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Why not have both? That's what a lot of people do.

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You'll see all the pros and cons of both in the previous threads.

We get power outages rarely, so that was not an issue. The only thing I liked about my previous glass/ ceramic top electric stove was being able to use it as an extended countertop. Daily I was using it for something other than cooking. Hated everything else, especially how difficult it was to keep the surface clean..

We used our induction stove for the 1st time yesterday (still need to post pics once we install the backsplash -(it's that strange-sized GE slide in talked about in the GE slide in thread). All problems with previous ovens solved - cooking temp is extremely receptive (boil to simmer at touch of a button), and I get to keep my 'added counter space when needed' feature all shiny and clean.

We've been using an induction single-burner for the past 2 months and fell in love with the first use. Our new induction cookware is now seasoned and ready to go on the big guy. Wok cooking has never been this effective and fun.

Have fun choosing. Either way, I bet you will love your choice.

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We've had an induction range for a couple of years now. Love it, would not go back to gas, even considering power outages (several a year but usually short). Also get slight insurance reduction for not having any open flames in the house.

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We were set on getting rid of our much-hated radiant cooktop and converting to gas. I'd done a ton of research on it, looking at all the hot models from Capital, Blue Star, DCS, Wolf, etc. I even prepared a spreadsheet comparing them all.

Then a friend suggested I take a look at induction, which I'd heard of but never really paid any attention to. I started reading up on it and was more and more impressed the more I read, especially about the responsiveness, the ease of cleanup (you can literally lay paper towels under a pan while you're cooking), and the fact that a good induction cooktop can get hotter than the hottest legal-for-home-use gas models, while also being able to hold a very low simmer (which is an issue with some of the high-end gas ranges).

In the end we decided on induction, and have been absolutely delighted with our GE Profile. Not only is the cooktop everything we hoped for, the oven is huge, almost two cubic feet larger than our old Kitchenaid. Last Friday we cooked for 18 people and that oven simultaneously held a 16 lb turkey, a large oval dutch oven, and two 10" x 15" baking pans.

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I have had gas, which I liked, and radiant glass top--which I hated. I planned my kitchen remodel for years, and a 6 burner high powered gas rangetop was central to it. Then, I heard about induction...and in the end, that's what I got. I have a 5 burner Miele, and couldn't be happier. High power when I want it, a true simmer when I want it, and a breeze to keep clean. Many here have purchased small single burner induction units to give the technology a whirl before committing to it in the remodel. It might help in your decision making process.



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