spilled olive oil on car seat

bruce_129May 17, 2008

Bottle of olive oil broke and half spilled out unto my truck seat. Is there some way to remove this oil without having to buy a new seat. Hot weather is causing a bad odor.

please help

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Please try Carbona Shampoozer. It is a rug and upholstery cleaner. It comes in a red plastic bottle with a brush & sponge top.
I had a container of sausage & peppers (made with olive oil) spill on my back seat. I used this, following directions on the bottle, rubbed with a clean towel and the light gray fabric seats were like brand new.

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I just googled it....it is now called Carbona Wizard "formerly Carbona Shampoozer." Same red bottle and top.

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corn starch!! sprinkle heavy over the oil..let sit for a long while and then vacuum... you may have to repeat..this will absorb the olive oil..then you can finish with a cleaner if needed

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