Master Bathroom Layout - Option #1 or #2 ??

JeannieMerApril 25, 2012

I posted orginally her.....but things have changed:

We just moved to a king size bed [right before we started the addition!], and it does not fit neatly between the master bedroom windows. KEY QUESTION: does the bed location make a huge difference in relation to the bedroom entrance? If not, this is just a bathroom question.

So we have two options --- please weigh-in!


- increase the space between the windows so the bed can remain on the window wall, walk directly to the bathroom, keep an OK layout. This batah layout is not great, but the door location allows the bed to remain under the windows. Not thrilled with the bathroom layout in Option #1.


- move the BED, walk around the bed to the bath/closet area [not ideal but not that far], move the radiator between the windows, less wasted space. I like option #2 better for the master bath, but am worried the bedroom is not ideal now.

Thank you as always.

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What is your wall dimension running "up-down" (turn bed 90*)?

I say neither because you have a lot of wasted space in hallway; and in option 2, you'll never get good usage out of your linen space. You'd be better off having a reach in closet for your other bedroom, and moving the toilet to where you have listed "linen" on that drawing. And, then put a not so deep linen closet on the backside of the reach in closet of that other bedroom if you have the space.

In option 1, you should consider entering the bathroom from the middle of the room, more like option 2 (ie, slide the closet space down) to limit the amount of "hall" space.

If there is room, I'd suggest turning your bed 90" and putting it on the what is now door wall. Then, put your door somewhere on the hallway (windows would then be to your left if you were lying in bed).

Have you tried that?

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Thanks kirkhall. In Option #2, I am swapping the toilet and linen to start. And the linen is smaller + the closet for the bedroom is larger. Great idea.

Turning the bed would be fabulous, except the one load bearing wall in the house is the long hallway wall.

Here is the newest version of Option #2.

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I like the bed on the window wall in option 1 and I would flip the bath hall and closet in the 1st layout so the doorway is roughly centered on that wall. Doing so allows bathroom space and closet space to be separate. Plus you don't have to walk through your closet to get to the bath. That would be my #1 choice as I think it will give you the most closet space and a better closet layout (IMO) overall.

I'm not a huge fan of the bath/closet layout in option 2 even with the changes. But if you opt to go that route, I would still put the bed back on the window wall.

Hope this helps!

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Load bearing walls don't preclude you from having doors in them. You just need to retrofit a header across the doorway to transfer the load around it.

I don't like either the "walking around the bed" option or the "bed overlapping the windows" option. I'd definitely move the bedroom door and put the bed on the left wall.

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I'm with Weedy. It is not difficult to put a door opening in a load bearing wall. (It is much more difficult to move or remove the whole wall; but just a door opening, no biggy.) Look into that as an option; as I think it is your best. It for sure will be less expensive than moving windows.

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I'm curious if you investigated the possibility of moving your door.

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Yes, here are the two options now...with the bed on the window wall, and an option to move the door. We are choosing one of these...the contractors have not priced out the moving of the door, yet. Either way, we are not thrilled about walking down the "boys hall" to get to our bedroom and think it might be more private in Option #1.

Currently leaning towards Option #1.



Anyone think one option is better?

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I like the new layout #1 best of all, but I am confused. Your bathroom looks huge but there is only a shower and no tub? Why would you not want to reconfigure somehow so you can have a tub in the bay window and the sinks somewhere else?

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HI debinnh. Yes it is a medium sized space --- 12.5 x 15 [+ 18 inches for the bump out] --- basically the size of a good-sized bedroom. I considered a tub, but in the ten years we have lived here, I have taken a bath once. And the tub will just collect dust. So we are creating a super shower with a bench and two shower heads instead. Thanks for the vote for #1!!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the original suggestion was to move the entry door to the south wall, and also move the bed up against the West wall. That helps the traffic pattern.
Leaving the bed oriented as is doesn't seem to make moving the door a huge benefit, and I'm not sure you need a double door either.

I like the idea of a big shower and no tub, that's what we are doing in our master remodel. It's personal preference.

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Yeah, the original suggestion is to move the bed to the west/left wall, with door on South wall (if south is down). I'm not sure how either of these remedy your problem of too-narrow of window set.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Sorry if I'm late to the party here, but I liked your first option #2 for the reason that I like the closet area more separate from the bath and from a heating point of view, it's always better to have the rad on an outside wall.

I like some of the changes you've made to the bath design in the latest options 1 & 2. I don't like the doorway in the hallway, and I don't like the bed on the window wall...I like to see light and what's happening outside when I wake up, not an interior wall. I also think its warmer to have the bed on an interior wall. I would suggest moving the bed back to the interior wall, and changing the door to a pocket door so you can center the bed on that wall opposite the center of the windows. This will give you a better look, better space to walk around the bed to the bath, and something to look at when you wake up.

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LOL, Annie, talk about different strokes for different folks, I like my bedroom to be a cave. I don't like to wake up to bright sunlight :)

Jeannie and Sowega, thank you! I only asked the question because we are redoing my master bath and I am so worried about not having a tub in there anymore. If I had space I would put one in just because I thought master baths were supposed to have both shower and bath. But since we don't we are going for a large shower. Your comments have made me feel better about that decision.

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UPDATE: Here is the architect's newest version of the second floor. We think it works! Plus we now have a larger linen closet + a larger closet for bedroom two. Thanks ALL!

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