What is best brand of affordable shop vac?

carolbarrel07May 16, 2008

We're done with contractors and have lots of dust behind appliances & floor cabinets. I think the best way to clean would be to stick a hose back there after moving stuff away from wall as best we can. What's the best brand of shop vac under $200?

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We have an old Shop-Vac that suits our needs, which isn't very much. Consumer Reports (if you wish to consider them) had good ratings in their March 2007 issue for:
-- Craftsman (Sears) 17762, $110, large model with score of 87
-- Ridgid Pro Utility Vac WD1850 (Home Depot), $150, large model with score of 86
-- Ridgid WD1450 (Home Depot), $100, medium model with score of 83
The Shop-Vacs rated rather poorly overall.
Seems like you should find an excellent one for well under $200. Good luck!

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I would add to get one where the filters are readily available. We went through heck with Sears trying to get a filter for an older vac...finally got a Shop Vac (which has been ok) mainly because we can get filters locally.

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