Smelly sink drain

where_am_iMay 3, 2006

In a home I just moved in to, I found one of the bathroom sinks was draining very slowly. After cleaning out the trap and finding a lot of hair in it, I used a Draino on it according to the directions. Now, it drains faster than the 2nd sink, but when I put my face close to it, it has an odor. It's not a sewer smell, and dosen't smell like Draino, perhaps left overs from what the Draino cleaned up. What is the best way to get rid of the smell?

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Pour baking soda into the drain followed by vinegar. It will foam up and clean the drain, deoderizing in the process. Worth a try.

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I think you're supposed to chase that baking soda and vinegar with some very hot (boiling?) water to finish clearing it out.

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Have used the baking soda and vinegar for years, I have a septic tank. Works perfect with or with out the addition of the hot water.

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I had a smelly sink drain (I thought) and I looked up how to fix it. I did the baking soda and water and went to turn on the stove to boil the hot water and poof! the other burner started.... It wasent a smelly sink drain but gas leaking from a stove nob that had been accedentally turned...The stove and sink are right next to each other and it was gas that I was smelling (not recognizing it as gas because I had cleaned the counter a few minutes earlier and was also smelling the cleanser)...Your advice literally saved my life...If I hadent went to boil the water I would not have found out about the gas leak....THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!

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