Ordering a Miele Diamond - Filler Strips and Handle?

schicksalApril 1, 2014

I'm placing an order for a Miele Diamond dishwasher and warming drawer in the next day or two and am trying to figure out the accessories that are needed. Both will have a custom panel. The opening for the dishwasher will be 24" so I assume I need a set of side filler strips. Also, is a handle included?

The Miele site both says that one is and isn't included. The door handles link under Optional Accessories Not Included has the square handle highlighted with a note that says "Highlighted row indicates included handle." Very confusing... does one come with the appliance or not?

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Hi, Shicksal,

I have no idea about the handle.

Based on my recent experiences (detailed in another post), I would suggest that you consider having the opening reduced from 24" to 23-5/8". This is what the installation sheet calls for.

The filler strips are largely cosmetic. They attach to the sides of the machine, maybe 2 inches back from the front of the machine with the door open, and then extend forward on both sides. I'm attaching a photo of my dishwasher, with the door open, so that you can see the filler strips.

I've been told that the dishwasher should have been installed with almost no gap at the top. If you get a good installer, you should be all set.

The machine cleans like a champ. Best of luck.

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Yeah, I nearly posted on the other thread about it until I was on AJ Madison and wasn't sure if the dishwasher and warming drawer come with a handle or not and it became two issues.

About the side to side dimension though - I'm a bit afraid of installing the cabinets that close together because in the future, what if 23 5/8" dishwashers are no longer available? It would be little to no cost for the cabinet people to make removable spacers though, to take the size of the opening down to 23 5/8". The cabinets are going to be full custom so anything is possible. Thanks for the picture - I was expecting something more like a seal or gasket.

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Yes, you need a handle.

You can over size the door panel a bit to visually fill the gap

Most people recommend 24" instead of 60 cm/ 23 5/8" so you can switch to an American brand in the future.

In Europe 60 cm is standard. Europe will not switch to 24". I doubt Miele and Asko will make 23 5/8 for Europe and 24" for North America. I am pretty confident Miele will not pull out of the North American dishwasher Market. Bosch may make one size for America and one for Europe but I think their top of line models will always be European size.

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My Miele Diamante Plus that I had installed a few years ago came with 3 gray rubber strips already installed (two on the sides and one on the top). It was like this from the factory. Since my opening was 24" wide, it filled the gap just fine.
But even at the Miele Showroom in Boca FL, all the unites there are installed in the proper 60cm (23 5/8") space and they have those same rubber strips on the top and sides.

It was my understanding that the "filler strips" was even bigger, which is what someone said in here a couple years ago.

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Thanks about the handle! Now maybe we can place part one of our order today. I've installed plenty of appliances before so we're looking at AJ Madison because they seem pretty well established online.

I think the rubber strips are more like gaskets that do a lot of sound sealing, but the filler strips I completely misunderstood until reuters was kind enough to post a picture. For some reason I was expecting those to be like gaskets too because no one that sells them posts pictures anywhere.

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The photo to use for installation purposes is not reuters. His dishwasher is not properly installed and it's been an ongoing issue for him.

The one to use is the one posted by whirlpool trainee (Alex) on the other thread.

If you want to do the dw justice, have them install it in a 23-5/8 inch wide space. And be sure it looks like Alex's on top. There should be no gap.

I wouldn't worry about having to install a 24" dishwasher in the future. I would customize the opening since you are, arguably, buying the best dishwasher on the market and one which should have a 15- 20 year life. By then, it will be time to change out the cabinets anyway.

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I agree with schicksal that those rubber strips are more like gaskets. In a narrow opening, they bend forward. In a wider opening, they go straight out.

I also agree with rococogurl that no one should rely on the photo of my installation for guidance. I just wanted to show schicksal what the filler strips looked like on my machine.

fauguy: I recently came across the post that described the filler strips as running from the front to the back of the dishwasher. However, I watched the technician install the filler strips that Miele sells today (for around $60), and they do not extend back very far. If there had been more expensive strips that went all the way to the back of the unit, I would have gladly bought them.

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I would go with a 24" opening. This is really a non-issue. 3/8's of an inch.

What I did for our Miele:I ripped a thin piece of pine - and stained it about the same color as the cabinets - with a touch-up pen. Use a little longer screw to go through the side of the DW and the filler strip.

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The size of the opening is not an issue if you dont care about the dishwasher being noisier than it should/could be.

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23 5/8 by means of wood strips, it is. I'm the installer except for the front panel and just planned on following the instructions to the letter, or picture in this case since there are no letters. :) The instructions give no tolerance for the top of the dishwasher against the countertop and small object you install in step 6/7 so I'll assume that it's "snug" but not overly tight so the gasket can get a good seal without transfer of vibration from the dishwasher to the countertop. It's odd that the larger piece remains in place for wood countertops but only a small one is used for stone.

The picture below looks great.

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