*Really* like the Restoration Hardware Vanities

JamieApril 17, 2012

But I haven't seen them in person. They have a laboratory steel, a zinc, and my favorite, a white "pharmacy" cabinet.

Have you seen them?

Have you seen others like this?

Do you think that in a few years they will be as ubiquitous as the chairside pharmacy lamp?

The are so appealing!

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I would urge you to see them in person before you order. I found the quality of their vanities appalling, especially at the price.

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We are planning to order some of the wood vanities and I am concerned about what I have read about their wood furniture splitting. I do have a wood table that has been great and held up but I am very cautious about spending so much money on them. That's why i have not bitten the bullet yet!

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I went to a RH outlet to buy some towel bars. I was shocked at the craptastic quality of their vanities. I realize these were customer returns, but paneled doors were separating, veneer was becoming rippled, and where dark finishes had chipped in the corners it looked like a bad poly job (thick, like cheap furniture).

I found the towel bars were nice and I liked many of the other things they had (linen shower curtains) but it seemed like the furniture was too expensive and not well made.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I really liked some of their pieces as well until I saw them in person.

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Hmmm, sounds like some tire kicking is in order. I know I've heard bath things about the medicine cabinets.

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If you search back a ways in this forum, I know there was one member who had a terrible time with her RH vanity. I believe hers was stained wood, and one (or more) or her doors did not match the stain of the vanity itself. Customer service was a nightmare. It was enough to scare me away. They look so pretty in the pictures!

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We looked at RH vanities during our bathroom renos.
They do have a great style!
But I found that the vanities available through our local bathroom plumbing design center
had more features and better quality build.

We picked a Ronbow vanity that costs less than the comparable FH vanity and had soft close drawers and better hardware. I also found that the FH vanities were a bit 'overscaled' for our bathrooms: they were an inch or two deeper front to back than the vanities we selected.

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I have a Restoration Hardware Hutton 36" white vanity. I struggled with the option of spending the $$$ on the RH vanity or trying to find a custom vanity or something that I loved as much as the Hutton look. I opted for RH thinking that considering the price and my understanding that RH generally sells "quality" products, I'd be making the safe choice.

After initial install I was ecstatic. Loved the look and the marble was gorgeous. Well, after less than a year, the doors on the vanity warped horribly. I figured I was SOL and didn't call RH. But, when I stopped back into the store where I'd ordered the vanity (and talked extensively with the sales person about the quality and construction) to buy something else, the sales person remembered me and asked how I liked the vanity. I told her about the warped doors and she immediately contacted customer service and had them contact me.

Well, despite the great service from the sales person, I am STILL trying to resolve this issue with RH customer service. The representative has been very responsive and helpful, but there have been constant mistakes and delays along the way. The "furniture repair" person they sent out initially was horrible. He didn't even bring his own tools into my home and instead I had to bring him my tools and supplies (such as shims) for him to try to resolve the issue. In the end he couldn't fix the problem and couldn't even diagnose the issue. He accused me of causing the problem by installing on a floor that he said must not have been perfectly level and that if I'd just secured the vanity to the wall, everything would have been fine, even though I explained that the RH instructions specifically did NOT have the vanity attached to the wall and had self leveling feet to resolve any floor inconsistencies. Well, after taking numerous pictures demonstrating the perfectly level, square vanity, RH customer service agreed to send me new doors. In the process I got 1 door with no screws (and the original screws had been stripped by the original assembler at the manufacturer), then a drawer (my vanity doesn't have drawers), then a door for a different vanity, and finally the second door and some screws. But I'm *still* waiting to get a different professional (than the idiot who didn't bring his own tools) to come install the doors properly as I couldn't get them to close completely and I don't want to make a mistake with my pricey vanity.

Overall, I love the look of the Restoration Hardware vanity. But the quality isn't anything amazing and does not seem up to par with the price. Customer service has been responsive, but very frustrating. I really hope that this issue is eventually resolved for me after constant mistakes by RH. My other bathroom due for remodeling would not fit the double Hutton vanity, but even if it did, I would be looking into the cost of custom. I suspect that in the end I will be able to get what I want at a similar price and hopefully with better quality. This makes me sad to say as I've liked other RH products and would definitely buy other products from them in the future. But it certainly gives me hesitation.

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I have the whole Gramercy Park suite -- not too creative on my part. Washstand, keller sconces, towel bars, faucets (Vintage) and medicine chest.

The medicine chest mirror is delaminating -- dark marks at the bottom. It is clearly defective and RH has refused to do anything. They say that it is moisture. On a bathroom mirror. That has only been cleaned using a dry cloth.

I spent a lot with RH on this bathroom as you can probably imagine. I am really dismayed with their customer service and will never buy anything from them again. Their styling is very nice-- they basically copied it from Urban Archeology -- but their quality is deplorable and they don't stand behind their merchandise.

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Try Premier Vanities online. They have a couple of replicas of RH vanities for less money. I ended up going with a Silkroad Exclusive vanity, which has far more useable space and is solid wood and was far less expensive (although I removed the top and sinks it came with and replaced them with another granite and two Kohler Archer sinks).

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I should have posted a picture. Here's my vanity:

All of the doors and drawers in my vanity are useable, which is pretty difficult to find. I changed the hardware to RH knobs and pulls, too. The other point I would make is that RH only has one (or maybe two) options for 60" double vanities, which is a problem for a lot of buyers.

Here is a link that might be useful: And here's a link to Premier Vanities

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Those look good. I've decided that if I'm going to get a wood vanity I'll order inset from Conestoga and paint it myself -- I want wide drawers and usually the drawers on even a 60-63" single vanity are 15" max.

But originally I was interested in the steel ones from RH.
Anybody seen a nice metal cab?

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I like the look of the metal ones! If you're considering the pharmacy or any of the wood models I would suggest pricing something similar at a custom cabinetmaker. You can probably get better quality for that price (at least, that's been my experience).

If you're particularly choosy about color, you can always have them custom-finish to your spec, or order it paint-grade and paint it yourself. Looking at RH prices it seems like you'd need a custom shop to come in under $2200 or so. That assumes you can get a granite fabricator to give you scrap materials when you pay for fabrication. That's not unreasonable, I think.

OTOH (and I'll catch hell when my family finds out, but I needed it quick), we just ordered a vanity from Ronbow. It's really solidly built and has a very nice finish. I can barely budge the beast in the garage! I'm impressed.

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I was going to say the same thing as solferino.

If and when we replace the vanities in our bathroom (in the house we haven't even taken possession of yet) I plan on just taking a picture to the custom fabricator and having him make me the look I want.

Custom isn't nearly as expensive as you may think if you find a local cabinetmaker. I suggest posting a request on Kitchens for the name of a local person near you.

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Yes, for wood I'd order Conestoga rta with MDF in the center panel and paint it myself. But I like the metal ones better. Old metal kitchen sink outfit could work, but I'm pretty worn out from all this and will likely order the wood cab rather than keep scouring Craigslist and ebay for one that has drawers, is long enough, isn't too far away, etc, much longer. My contractor is getting more and more difficult; unless I find a really great old steel kitchen sink base at a great price I won't have the energy to wheedle him into alterning and installing it, let along do the rust remediation and painting myself. There are new stainless vanities on ebay right now, but they have no drawers.

I like the enameled steel toolchest drawer cabinets, and if it were a different house I'd more seriously consider a vanity made with them. A hairdresser I know uses them in her salon to great effect.

The benefit of the Conestoga, besides the inset prettiness, is that I'll get sufficient drawer space and a custom width. Most ready-made vanities increase the door area but not the drawer width as they get larger. I am bound and determined to max out drawer space unless I get metal, which doesn't look promising.

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I wish I would of seen this sooner :(
I just ordered a vanity from RH for our powder room (Empire Rosette) without seeing it in person and I'm so disappointed. The quality is really sub par and although the description says it's constructed of solid oak it definitely feels like a plastic/composite painted finish.
I'm beyond disappointed and expected so much more. I should of went and seen them in person.

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I too saw RH vanities at the outlet, and was surprised… I had wanted one of the glass-front storage towers, but after seeing them beat-up, they really didn’t look appealing anymore…

I do generally like RH. Although think they are too pricey, I find their style appealing. We got our vintage-style, glass towel bars from them for our most recent remodel. As well as the fancy, under-sink water-shutoffs… I didn’t want to spend the money, but couldn’t find anything I liked as much…

I had used all RH fixtures in a previous bath, and I wouldn’t do it again. The tub faucet was angled slightly upward, and some interior piece began to rust from the sitting water from the upward angle… we didn’t realize it until was already installed/caulked… aside from the poor design; it shouldn’t have been a material that would deteriorate. Total pain!!

We used Rohl and Kohler this time and are much happier.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bath fixtures we used.

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