Do Your Towels Get Orange Spots?

gam51May 6, 2010

My towels tend to get orange spots. Doesn't matter if they are from Walmart or Restoration Hardware. I use an environmentally friendly laundry soap and no dryer sheets, altho it has happened in the past with a name brand soap also. This has been happening for years but I just can't figure out the culprit! Any one solved this dilemma??

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My brown towels get orange spots. I thought it was just me until I read here about it happening to lots of people. It seems the culprit has been identified as benzole peroxide.

It your white towels are gettng orange spots it could be make-up stains especially from self tanner or iron in the water.

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Be sure that the washing machine drum has not rusted too.

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Yep, try as I may, I can't keep from getting (orange) spots on dark towels and (white) ones on light colored towels. It's the benzole peroxide. Tan towels...yellow spots.

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Benzoyl peroxide is used as an acne treatment, for improving flour, for bleaching hair and teeth, for polymerising polyester and many other uses.

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Oh my gosh, thank you all! I recently started seeing spots on my towels that look like bleach spots. Since I don't use bleach I was baffled and it was driving me nuts. My son started using proactive and I did not correlate the two. Looks like he'll be getting the junk towels for washing his face from now on!

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I used white towels for my son. No problems with spots.

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I bought new towels and rinsed them in cold water with no detergent before using them for the first time. They are covered with spots. They are dark gray and have brown areas all over them. So it is not face wash, non mixed detergent, oxy, bleach (I never use bleach), or any of the other suggestions I have seen on the web. This sucks.

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