Glossy stains on siding?

sleepyjen_1May 13, 2011


My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house. A new roof was recently put on by the seller, an estate (no one lives there now). When we swung by to see how it looked, we noticed all these glossy spots on the house. They're in vertical rows, but uneven, and the rows are spaced horizontally. We wondered if the scaffolding had left marks on the house, which they then washed off by hand with either an oil-based product or a magic eraser. Does anyone have any idea what might have happened, and how we can fix it? The siding was perfect beforehand. We close in less than two weeks. The selling agent has called the roofers to see if they "spilled some coffee," but it doesn't look like coffee to me.



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I don't know the answer, but it is the seller's responsibility to deliver the house in the condition it was in when you agreed to buy it. So if those marks were not there when you signed the contract, it's the seller's problem to fix.

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