Getting Clumping Cat Litter Out of Carpet

jessicamlMay 27, 2011

I'm a little embarrassed to ask this, but I can't find any information elsewhere!

My husband's cat had a litter box in a corner behind the bed in the spare room. He was apparently in a rush when filling the litter box one day, and spilled litter in a pile next to the litter box. By the time the bed was moved and I discovered it, the cat has used this pile for a litter box as well. I could vacuum up most of the litter, but it was the clumping kind, and some clumps stuck to the carpet.

I tried asking around and looking online for ideas of how to get it off, with no luck, so DH put carpet cleaner on the spot and shampooed it. Now there's a sticky gray patch around that area. Does anyone know how to get that nasty clay stuff out of the carpet?

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Sticky, I assume it isn't dry yet? If so, once it is really dry, use a stiff scrub brush then vacumme until you can get as much dried stuff as possible out of it. Then rent a carpet shampooer and use pet odor carpet cleaner.

NOT Spam, a Consumer review:

If you can afford it, buy a Hoover Spin Scrub Carpet Cleaner. Mine is 18 years old and it still runs like new. With kids, pets and Grandkids, my carpet looks worn and needs to be replaced but it is clean and has no stains. $130 18 years ago (expensive back then) and I have never needed to hire anyone or rent a dirty machine from a store.

You can buy them at stores but I don't know the prices. QVC sells them and the closest to my 18 year old, has steam and is $189. That is hire someone to clean your carpet 3 times where I live and you cant clean a spot when it happens.

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Thanks, gammyt! I think you're right; it was sticky because it wasn't dry yet. Now it looks like DH sprinkled carpet deodorizing powder on it and it's a white-ish stiff spot.

After looking through my cleaning supplies, I don't appear to have a stiff scrub brush, so hopefully I can remember to buy one tomorrow and go to work on it.

What do you know, we have a Hoover Spin Scrub Carpet Cleaner! It's DH's from bachelorhood, so I never looked to see what it was called before. I also don't know how to use it yet, but vacuuming I can handle!

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Well, the scrub brush isn't working. Seriously, it looks like a little cement pond with bits of fuzzy carpet poking through like reeds. The brush just makes the carpet fuzzier, but doesn't seem to be affecting the clay/litter substance. I'm thinking maybe we just need to keep shampooing over and over til it goes away...ugh I don't know. Renovating the living room is more pressing this week, but maybe I'll try shampooing the heck out of it next week. Any other ideas, throw them my way! Wonder if De-Solve it or Goo Gone would help at all?

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I've accidentally spilled cat litter myself. Cat Litter + water (H20)equals clay-like mud. I'd suggest you flood with water, blot with paper towels or disposable rags, flood again, blot again, repeat as needed.After it dries, a thorough vacuuming.Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Had you thought of contacting the cat litter people?

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socks, I did think of that, while wondering what "solvent" would work on cat litter. However, we always use the crystal kind, and this clumping litter was a one-time buy to get us by when the store was out of our usual. I couldn't even guess what brand it was; perhaps most litter formulas are the same, though? I'll try jannie's method since it sounds like she's been there, and if all else fails...pick a major litter brand and look for contact info. :p

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