Hiring house cleaning

bnicebkindMay 2, 2008

How much do you pay per hour, or if paid by the day, how many hours do you get for "X" amount of dollars?

Do they pick up things left around, and to what extent?

Do yours also do laundry or ironing, and what about windows?

Are you comfortable leaving them alone in your home when you are not there?

Are you happy with the job they do?

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I live in So. OR and pay $15/hour which seems to be the going rate. She blocks out 4 hours for me every other week. I have a 3/2 house, but small square footage on the walk in level. And I also have 4 dogs! I declutter before she arrives, doesn't make sense to me to expect her to pick up items - she doesn't know where they belong. She does not routinely do windows (interior), nor laundry, but would if asked and if time allowed. I am very comfortable with her, and usually am downstairs while she's working (she doesn't clean the lower level), but I also would be okay with leaving the house to run an errand if needed. I try to stay out of her way so she can work efficiently. I wouldn't have someone in my house if I felt I couldn't trust him or her. She was recommended by a friend, and that's probably the best way to find someone. I am happy with her level of cleaning. It's not the best I've ever had, but it's better than what I manage to do!

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There is a long thread on this in this forum. Try searching for it. It has lots of info.

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There is already a thread about this.

Here is a link that might be useful: House cleaning

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