Candlewick & Paisley

maximavswifeApril 18, 2012

I finally did a tablescape using my beloved Candlewick dinner dishes! I am in love with the purple paisley tablecloth & napkins I found on sale at Burlington Coat Factory!


Here is a link that might be useful: Candlewick & Paisley Tablescape

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Marlene Kindred that's a showstopper of a table setting! VERY dramatic looking. LOVE the tablecloth and napkins..what a steal too. Your Candlewick dishes are absolutely wonder they are you prized possession. The whole table is just lovely!

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Kath, Your table is beautiful and timeless.

Your beloved Candlewick and Paisley tablecloth were meant for each other.
The black place mats and purple chargers are the perfect accents.
I remember how happy you were to find so many pieces at the estate sale, to go with those from your grandmother.
It's so nice to have such precious things and be able to share them here.

I'm glad you will be using your treasures and making your own memories with them.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful and special table with us.

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Your new tablecloth and napkins are not only
VERY lovely, but were such a great buy.
They create a colorful backdrop for your candlewick pieces and vintage flatware.
I think the black placemats and purple chargers set them off perfectly too.
I remember that estate sale you went to and was amazed
over all the wonderful pieces you found for such great prices.
You did such a beautiful job showcasing it all..
It was fun looking and seeing how you 'played' with

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OK. I think this is the BEST tablescape I've seen on your blog. No kidding. It's just so striking. Clear plates need to be surround with pizazz. You've certainly done that. I love that tablecloth. And those candles! Where did you ever find such vivid ones?

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Thanks everyone.
OA, I think it's one of my favorites too :) I mixed up some craft paint and painted white candlesticks! LOL! I couldn't find what I wanted so I improvised!

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I like what nana said, Kath, Your table is beautiful and timeless.

Your Candlewick is so lovely ...& the priceless part is that your collection started as a heirloom. I love each place you separated the salad plate & bowl with the white plate over the dinnerplate! And then picked up that creamy white in the napkin duo! so lovely!

Of course, the paisley is the showstopper (as jane said)! great find! Love the black w/it & also the pop of colors in your centerpc! beautiful & is the flatware you've chosen for this t'scape. TFS, maxi! Jeanne S.

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The others have said it all I think. How wonderful that you found that lovely tablecloth at such a great price. You set off your lovely dishes just perfectly. Luvs

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Ditto to what everybody else said.

Gorgeous and great memories to go with it.
Clever job on the candles!!

Lovely job Kathe.


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Kathe, wonderful choices for this table. I too love your Candlewick dishes and your new paisley linens. I like how you folded down the front of your napkins.

The goblets look great on your table. The cp is sooooo pretty, it caught my eye! What a neat shape your pretty purple charges are. They really help show off your Dishes.

So fun to hear about all your great buys. I had a customer in from Portland today and she said the GW stores over there are fantastic. That's where DGD lives so I'm going to try to remember this if we head over to see him this summer.

I am going to try to take pictures of my table setting tonight and will share pictures. DD just bought me some more dishes this week. She loves to shop and I hope she loves dishes in years to come. I haven't used all the ones from before.LOL


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There's not anything I can add to what's been said...except 'ditto'!
Timeless, Elegant, Stunning, and MORE! (and of course purple, LOL)

I really can't get over how truly gorgeous the candlewick, and the whole setting, is. WOW.

hugs, Karen

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