Microfiber cloths that feel 'normal' to the touch

jobirdMay 13, 2008

I've become accustomed to the strange feel of microfiber cloths,but still can't say I really enjoy it ;) I've purchased MF cloths from various sources,but none that I would consider normal feeling to the touch;that is,until now!

Walgreens carries a two-pack of white MF towels ($4)in their automotive section. They have a very plush pile and feel "normal" to me!! YEAH ;)

Are there other sources you've found for normal feeling MF cloths?

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If they feel "normal," as you put it, they won't work as well.

The strange feeling you get with good microfiber cloths is caused by the finely split fibers that attract and hold the dirt you're trying to remove. The finer the fibers, the better they work. And the finer the fiber, the more they grab and your skin, giving you the sensation you don't enjoy.

Sorry, but you can't have it both ways.

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Darn, you mean I can't have my cake and eat it too ;)

Perhaps that's why the packaging says they're great for polishing and dusting :)

I'm still going to try them for washing and waxing the car.

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I have 3 different microfiber clothes, some are for mirrors, others for cleaning and others for scrubbing. The ones for the mirrors are smooth to the touch so they don't scratch the glass. However, I use the others on the mirrors and they are just fine.

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Those microfiber polishing cloths (the "normal" to-the-touch ones)are great for dusting,etc.,but I find they are not very good for washing and waxing cars ;)

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