TreasureTheDay: Your Shower Glass & Handle?

kashmiApril 2, 2012

I saw your great shower on a thread last month and wanted to ask a couple of questions, if you don't mind.

We're installing a steam shower and are ready to order glass. We like your choices, plus it looks like we have similar granite colors.

From Bathroom

1. Clips or channels for holding the glass? Like you, we prefer as little visual intrusion as possible. But, if we went with channels, it looks like we'd need dark ones on the bottom and lighter ones at the top and sides. Whatever you did to hold in the glass looks great!

2. We also like your door handle. Did you choose the 6" or the 10" version?

Thanks in advance for the help.

P.S. We're getting some good advice on this forum about wall color -- so it will be changing.

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Hi Kashmi,

I just posted on your thread about paint. Sorry I missed this... I've been out of the country and off the grid for about 10 days.

Thanks for the compliment on my room. We do love it and it has been so fun to see all of our choices come together. I did notice that your granite is very similar to mine, which is one of my favorite elements in our room.

Our shower door handle is 10" which is pretty large but we think proportionate to the full height door. A 6" handle would have looked like a coffee mug handle on all of that glass!

I just assumed that we would be using clips and two of the shower door vendors said as much. The third came with a different idea entirely. When he suggested a pivot hinge I started to say NO immediately because I thought that required a metal header which would be way too much visual interference with the glass for my taste. He recommended taking the door full height and using a pivot hinge into the ceiling and the shower curb which minimized the hardware, keeping it at the very top and bottom of the glass.

He was able to attach the pony wall glass with a small vertical metal channel at the wall only. It butts up to the ceiling and rests on the ledge with beads of silicone.

It's hard to get good pictures but hopefully these will give you a better idea.

If you are doing a steam shower, I assume that you are planning to go with glass all the way to your ceiling(?) I think that will look amazing in your room and can understand why you don't want a alot of metal to detract from the glass. I'm not sure though what you mean by (or why) you feel that you'd need different colored channels(?) Is that because of your paint / tile colors? Personally, where you do need to use channel, I'd just use the same metal to match your other finishes.

From the "mi" in your name, You don't by chance live in Michigan, do you? If you do, I'll refer you to my shower guy who is in Novi.

Good luck!

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TreasureTheDay, Welcome back home -- and thank you for this information. From your other pictures, it looked like you had installed the 10" handle; just wanted to be sure. I agree that the 6" would be too small. Really wish the company made an 8" version. In any case, it is quite good looking and we've decided to copy you.

As to glass: yes, we are doing a steam shower with the door in the middle of the longer wall, so that lets out the pivot hinges. We did decide to go with clips instead of channels. Though the one wall channel you have is quite unobtrusive. Nice work by your shower guy.

We're in New England -- otherwise I'd take you up on your offer of a referral. This is one area of the bathroom that does need to be done right. We've already paid extra for the plumber's learning curve on the wall-hung toilet and Runtal radiator. I did not want to do the same for the steam shower glass!

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I know what you mean about paying for someone's learning curve. In hindsight, we realize that the elipitical arches and 45 degree angles of our design were beyond the expertise of our cabinet maker and tilesetter. We learned to take nothing for granted and were way more involved than we planned.

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We had the channels put in before granite and tile, so they are hidden. I recently saw this 'truly frameless' system and wish I did it instead. Do you have a franchisee near you? Has anyone heard of this "Truly Frameless" company?

Here is a link that might be useful: truly frameless shower

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I, too, came across this company in a Google search -- though too late in the process to consider that approach. It reminded me -- again too late -- of a conversation we'd had years ago with a tile installer about leaving spaces between the tile to hold glass. I don't remember now what he was going to use to hold the glass in those spaces. We were living in Virginia then -- though not near Winchester. It sounded like a very clever idea. Unfortunately, we completely forgot about that conversation, otherwise we might have tried it, since we have a very talented tile guy. It just might work with the Kerdi membrane system backing things up.

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That's a cool idea! Would that mean tiling up to / around the channels? I wonder if that would result in more tile cuts... a trade-off that I'm not sure I'd be prepared to make. Maybe I'm just not picturing it correctly.

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Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly, but I think the suggestion was to tile, leave a space, then start the tile again. Not trying to tile-in a channel, just leaving a space for the glass -- and, I assume, some sort of adhesive filler material. The space between the tiles would thus be about 1/2" deep (3/8" for most tiles + something for the thin set). Does that make sense? I did a sorry-looking PrPt drawing showing two rows of tiles, with space left between for a channel -- assuming the sketch might show the top of a pony wall, for example.
From Bathroom

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Thanks, Kashmi! Interesting idea to file away for our next bathroom project... after we recover from our recent masterbath reno, that is!

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The glass went in first - in a shallow U channel adhered with silicone. Then, the tile and granite were installed. Here are a couple of shots before the tile went in.

In retrospect, we should have done the tile work on the knee walls before the glass went on and the granite was templated. The fabricator should have made a second trip for that. The Granite isn't exactly right, but hopefully no one will notice!

Hope that helps! We are almost done so I will post finished pics soon!

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Chays - Thanks so much for the post. This is so clever! And what a clean look. What will you be doing for the door? Will you use clips? Pivot hinges, like TreasureTheDay did?

BTW, your bathroom looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to the finished pictures.

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Thanks :-)
We did not use pivot hinges since our glass is not full height. We have 2 hinges that you can see in the photos. The only other hardware are the 2 metal clips stabilizing the neo-angle glass. Here are a couple of pictures of the almost done shower.

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Beautiful shower, Chays! There are alot of similarities between ours, although we have just one pony wall. We opted to put granite on our corner bench, curb and pony wall also... love the look!

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Just wanted to echo TreasureTheDay's compliments on Chay's shower -- in fact the whole bathroom. Both of you have created magnificent bathrooms. Thank you for sharing the details -- and the great pictures!

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