Can't find a supplier for Nero Marquina marble. Any ideas?

threeapplesMarch 7, 2013


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Ann Sacks ... if you can afford it

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I didn't know they sold slabs. Thanks.

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Just contacted them and am waiting for a quote. Thanks for the idea!

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Hi...I was just at a granite warehouse in Austin, Tx on Tuesday and they had 2 slabs of it....if you go to their website and click on the Austin, Tx location and click on their inventory button...then click on granite to the will show up near the bottom of the page....we looked at one slab on husband and I laughed about it because I called it Nero margarita.....I might have gotten a price on our sheet....we went to so many places that day....I can check if you would like me to....I hope that helps! Lolo

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Yeah, the local PacShores had a couple of slabs in house when I was last there as well. But, it is a darn expensive stone, and fabrication for it is also higher than "standard" due to the fabricator's higher risk factor as well.

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